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Looking at Fischer RC - any other contenders?

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I'm looking to replace an old pair of Rossi 9X's in a 184cm size with something that can still do the high speed GS turns, but is also more versatile when I want to shorten the radius, especially in the steeps.
The reviews on the 2007 Fischer RC seemed great, the only reservation seemed to me the comments in skipresse which said short turns are "like turning a Mac truck in a carpark" - not exactly the trait I was after!
Has anyone skied the 2007 RC and are the comments of ski presse on the money or off the mark? I was also looking at the 175 size - is this right for my weight?
Quick bio: 40 years old, ex racer (a long time ago) still ski aggressively, 165lbs and enjoy looking for challenges to ski over the whole mountain.
Any other skis you would consider putting in the mix for me to look at?
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I am on RC4 WCs that are a couple of years old. Good analogy from skipresse! They like to go fast and pull Gs. Not so much at lower speeds. Can be a little unforgiving. For short radius aggr free skiing - I think there are better choices. Rode the lift with a guy on Fisch RX8s (I believe) and he gushed like a school girl about them. I watched him make some turns. Old school style but nice looking carved turns. I am about your size and am on 173s as my Nastar race skis. I am just a tiny bit heavier and tiny bit younger. 175s would be fine I am sure. Just like a sports car though - only performs "right" at higher RPMs!
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I have WC RC's 175cm, SL's 161, SC's 160 and I weigh 175lbs. The RC's are a little short for my weight but I can go as fast as I want with them and they fairly versatile. However, when I plan to ski off piste and it isn't a deep powder day, I use Pocket Rockets. (If it is deep I use Porohete's.} The SC's are more versatile than the RC's and better on ice. The SL's are my favorite carving skis but they are extremely demanding by my standards. I ski about 80 days per year.

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I have the RC in 180, the SL in 165, and the Volkl 6 star in 175. I have also owned about 5 pairs of Fischer WC GS skis. 6'1" 200lb ex-racer by the way. I love the RC's but they have a specific role. I use my Volkls for everything and anything. I use the Slaloms as much as possible, but not when the snow is chopped up. And I take out the RC's when I just want to rip on groomers. I skied the 6 stars and the RC's in the same day and remember thinking to myself,. "wow, these feel like my volkls with a lot more pop in long turns, but a lot more work in short turns."

The biggest reason I don't use my RC's that much is that on groomed days the SL's are as much fun. I can't go quite as fast, but they carve all sorts of dif. turns for me.

But to get to the point, if you want a one ski quiver, the RC is not the ticket unless you can find wide open groomed runs that aren't full of gapers to smash into. If I skied a lot on empty east coast weekdays a lot, I would get a lot more use out of my RC's. That said, I love having a set at my disposal though, they really do rip.
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Worldcup RC's

The Worldcup RC in my opinion would be a great choice for you, especially the 2007 model. I own both a two year old pair of RC's with the universal plate and a new pair with the Flow Flex plate both in 175cm. The old style universal pair are very stiff and not all that versatile (harder to initiate turns), I use them primarily for Nastar. I purchased a new pair of 2007 with the Flow Flex plate and its a very different ski. The 07 skis are much softer in the tips and tails and the new plate allows the ski to bend into a nice round arc. The new version is much more recreational and less race ski in my opinion and is a great everyday do it all ski. I actually just purchased a third pair of 2007 RC's in 180cm as the 07 175 RC's were a little too soft for my 215 lbs. The 175's would be perfect for you, particularly the 2007's. I would consider selling either pair of 175's if your interested!
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Other ski's that I would recommend would be the 07 Head Supershape Speed or 07 Head XRC1200, I own both in 177cm. I currently have way too many ski's and didn't get much time on these but really liked them both and think they would fit your needs!
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Interesting comments above....that I don't agree with at all. I do agree that the RCs can be a narrow niche ski to perform at the top end but I find them to be relatively easy to get along with.

I have the RC's from 04-05 with the universal plate. I'm 6' 180 lb and also an ex-racer, but I haven't been in any gates in more than 25 years. I ski almost exclusively in NY and NE but have skied all the resorts in Utah and most in Colorado and Austria in years gone by.

I find the RCs to be pretty easy to turn at lower speeds if you're not stuck on absolutely perfect railroad tracks...those require a significant amount of speed and skill. But if you want to adjust the turn radius in the middle of a turn and don't mind a little tail slidin' these work great. I've taken them in soft moguls and they performed just fine...I'm definitely more old school in the moguls - no Z-line on these old knees - but I found the RCs to be remarkably forgiving and versatile as long as I stay centered. And if you're looking to rip long radius (relatively - the turn radius at 175 is 16M) turns with a lot of snow feedback, you can't find a better tool, especially when it's icy. I demo'ed the Rossi 9X OS side by side with the RC's and the feedback is what sold me. Rossi's are definitely more damp and smoother but in my terminology, that equates to dead-feeling for a carving tool. If you like a more damp ski, go elsewhere. I skied more on my SL's this year, but that is based more on conditions than preference...at small hills (where I spent a considerable amount of my season) the SLs were more fun (3 turns and I was at the lifts on my RCs).

Take my comments with a grain of salt. I really like my RC's and think they're the best ski in that niche. If you're looking for a one-ski-does-it all, my brother (same size and backgorund) reports that the Volkl AC4 Unlimited in 177 is it. Good luck finding any (hint - there's one pair in Lake Placid. The US distributor didn't know about those and told my brother he got the last pair 2 weeks ago).
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Great feedback guys, I appreciate it.
Sounds like there's a difference in the softness of 07 model from earlier years that gives it more versatility. That sounds more like my kind of ski.
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Check out the new rc4 progressors
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Fischer Worldcup RC

Yes, there is definately a difference between the older Fischer Worldcup RC universal plate models and the new Flow Flex model. The 07 is much softer in the tip and tail, easier to initiate turns at slower speeds, also much more forgiving and is a much better high end recreational ski. For racing purposes, I still feel the older model is a better choice but I too have freeskied it on many occasions. For your weight and ability I would opt for the 07 RC in 175cm. If your interested in mine I would give you a great deal, I think the ski's W/O bindings listed for over $800, I paid $599 but would take $300 (ski's only) plus shipping. I moved the bindings onto the 180cm RC's, the plate is pre-drilled for any boot sole length and only takes a few minutes to mount.
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My favorite pair of skis for all mountain skiing are my RC4 World Cup Slaloms (166cm). The are very precise but easy to ski on, and are very versatile for a slalom ski (especially a race stock ski). Not only are they phenomenal at slalom radius and speed turns, but they are damn good at GS speeds and turn radii as well. I've even skied them in extreme free ski terrain and choppy conditions, and they perform like stars. If you want an amazing full bore race ski that performs well across the board, I give it my highest recommendation.

I have the '06 model, but from what I read at the beginning of the season the '07 is unchanged with the exception of graphics.
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Damn, so many choices. What it has made me do is think a bit wider, so I'm going to hold off and see next seasons stuff - especially the RC4 Progressor.
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I'd second the Head SuperSpeed. I use it as my master's cheater GS ski and it works well in courses with a tighter set.
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The 2007 Head Supershape Speed is a great ski, I also owned it as the 2006 XRC1200 and as the 2005 XRC1100 (all are the same)! I also picked up the new 2007 Head XRC 1200, its a little more versatile with a 69mm waist and has a little quicker side cut. In comparison I also own the Worldcup RC in 175cm and 180cm, the Supershape Speed is softer and a little more versatile than the RC's. I found the RC's to be faster in the gates however depending on your needs. I'm selling off this years quiver if any of these skis interest you.
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