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ski personality quiz

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(pick one)
1) You're not afraid because...
a. I'm always in control
b. I'm just not going fast enough
c. I'm still too hungover from last night to care
d. that part of my brain was destroyed in my last major crash

2) Ski Patrollers are around mainly ...
a. to encourage safety and help the injured
b. to create a false sense of security in a relatively suicidal activity
c. for avalanche control
d. to carry away the carnage

3) Short skis are...
a. what all the real rippers are going to
b. just not sufficient to promulgate my virility
c. for kids
d. good for jam'n under the tire for traction when your car gets stuck in snow.

4) You always head right for the most technical line on the mountain because...
a. I like the line that shows off my technical prowess - often a green groomer
b. it's good odds that my mother-in-law won't be there
c. if I wanted mediocrety, I'd take up sea kayaking
d. I've been very, very bad and need to be punished

5) "Falling" is...
a. for beginners, but not necessary
b. just a less expected way to stop
c. sometimes a really good tactical decision
d. no big deal, i've done it a hundr... uh... what was the question again?

6) A "road trip" is...
a. a good way to see how other areas operate
b. a good way to meet the local law enforcement officials
c. necessary because my mountain just pulled my pass
d. fun, as long as someone's brought doritos or cheese doodles

7) Powder is...
a. almost as nice as fresh cordaroy
b. just a fantasy propagated by creative ski photographers in cahoots w/ ski mags
c. the only way I can get my mind off sex
d. the main reason I still sleep in a van despite a college education

8) Going straight is...
a. for people who aren't so great at turning
b. one of the times i'm very happy about my recent helmet purchase
c. more addictive than any other drug i've done to date... (isn't that ironic?)
d. plan "B" when my original intent goes out the window

9) At the end of a great day of skiing, my favorite activity is...
a. tilting back a couple of cold ones at the local brew pub
b. tilting back a couple of dry martinis at a wet T-shirt contest
c. tilting back a couple too many pitchers and passing out on the pool table
d. trying to pick up a nurse in the emergency room while waiting for stitches

type 'a' : destined "most likely to need extensive psychotherapy"
type 'b' : destined "most likely to be a respected professional figure"
type 'c' : destined "most likely to always remain a dirtbag"
type 'd' : destined "most likely to be running our country some day"
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And what is wrong with being a dirtbag?
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Crystal Mtn. has the dirt bag ball every winter. I embarrassed myself last year, a guy my age doing the gaitor.
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What is the date of the dirt bag ball? And can you think of a way I could get to it without my PHB finding out?

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"I'm a teenage dirtbag, baby"
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I've got 2 tickets to Iron Maiden.

(I was waiting for that one)
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...lives on my block. And drives and IROC. but he doesn't know who I am. And he doesn't give a damn...

Although I hate to admit it. Until recently I was all the way type "D", but I just bought a house and the van went bye-bye. I bought some 183's last month and I'm starting to think they're too long. I'm sick and tired of Ramen and Cheese doodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I moved to a town where all the nurses are good friends with my Mom. And I simply don't get knarly enough to scare myself anymore... Am I getting old? : : : :
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I don't seem to fit in any one catagory. I guess I have more b's than anything else.

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