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Forward Lean Adjustment

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I wanted to share my excitement over the impact of a minor adjustment on my ski boots. I bought new Icon Carbons last year and had been skiing them with the forward lean adjustment all the way back. I had meant to move them forward last year to match my old boots, but forgot somehow. Probably got distracted screwing with the different cuffs and what not.

So, last weekend at Jay I adjusted the lean forward quite a bit to a point where my knees were over my toes in an athletic position while standing in the boots flat on the floor. Prior to the adjustment, I noticed that when I stood flat on the floor in my boots in an athletic position, it felt like I was out of balance towards the back seat. It became clear that this was affecting my ability to stay balanced and maintain constant pressure on the tongues of my boots.

This forward position of the boot has dramatically affected my balance and turn initiation. I don't feel like I'm in the back seat any more, and turn initiation has become much easier and faster. It really was a night and day difference, and now I know why I always felt like I couldn't get forward enough last year. With the boot forward, it is much easier for me to keep my shins in contact with the front of the boot, and I feel much more in control and powerful. I say, check your forward lean adjustment and make sure you are not handicapping yourself.
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Heres something that worked for me. I also use Technica Boots with all the ajustments.In my case I was to far forward.I skied with an instrutor who I trust anyway Mark watched me ski and then ajusted my Boots and dialed them in. I tend to put to much pressure on my ski tips, so he pulled me back,ajusting me in amore up right pos ition I now keep a soft contact with the cuff and find I'm now more centered on the ski. I am not pressuring the tip as much and useing more edgingin my turns.
If you can,Take a lession from an instrutor who can hepl you dial in that Boot.
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