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Buying Demos Online...specifically from EvoGear?

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Has anybody ever bought demos online w/o seeing the skis?

I stumbled upon some sweet (at least seemingly) demo deals via Evo Gear and was wondering if anybody had ever bought any of their used skis before.

I was looking at a pair that they bill as "Standard" condition;

Not sure if I want to bite the bullet on a pair of used skis that I can't physically take a look at...
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I've bought two pairs from Evogear, a pair of "Bargain Basement" Volkl 724 Gamma EXS skis for me ($125), and a pair of "Standard Plus" Dynastar Legend 8000 for DH ($235). Mine had a bit more scratching but they were both very nice skis for the price. I think they also have a 30 day return policy.
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I ordered some skis for a friend on my ebay account from EVO. They were dirt cheap, the bottoms looked good, but had been ground a lot so were thin, There was a deep sidewall chip exposing the back of some edge filled with hotglue. I complained that the ski was nor up to the description, but I'd filled the sidewall with jb weld epoxy and didn't think it was worth the shipping cost to return them.

They apologized profusely, sent me a $30 discount coupon.

The skis have held up well for several years.

They have been around a long time and I think are not a bad outfit.
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cool beans.

thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it.
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I bought a pair of 8800's and they we in good shape as advertised. I think they were "standard" rated. Bases were great and topsheets had some chipping but the price was right. They did come with demo binders but were for a lighter women so they are woking out well.
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I just bought a pr of demo k2 phat luvs...Only thing i found was a ding on edge. brought to shop and had sharpened and waxed and they said will come out over next few tune ups.Top sheet was like new
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Skid and Jax, was this from Evo?
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i looked at their demos firsthand at their tent sale this past weekend, they all seemed in really good shape, really solid. Then again my definition of condition may differ, but from looking at just the topsheets they seemed pretty solid for the price.
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I bought some demos shipped to me for $160. I will def. be doing more business with them in the future.
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i bought some 06 allstars with non-demo bindings for 279. Standard plus condition, came with a few scratches and a chip on the topsheet, also the ski length is written on the tip of the ski in permanent marker.

The bases and edges are in perfect condition.
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evo gear

I purchased a pair of stormriders from them 2 years ago and they came ground, filed and waxed. They were in good shape, in the condition that they described and they were inexpensive. Over grinding in an effort to make a ski look presentable can ruin it, but these look like they have plenty left. I would say that I was very satisfied with Evo Gear.
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
Skid and Jax, was this from Evo?
Yes, got em from Evo in Dec.
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cool, again, thanks for all the feedback. i really appreciate it.
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yup evo
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