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Midwest Melt down

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TEll me about it :

My daughter has tomorrow and Monday off. Current plans are to ski Cascade tomorrow, travel to Wausau to spend Friday night, ski Granite Peak on Saturday and Sunday, returning home Sunday night. Currently weather.com shows rain for Sunday in Wausau : : :

I'm not ready to call it quits just yet. I can deal with the warm temps but not the rain.

I really envy the guys out west. I couldn't imagine being that close to the most awsome skiing there is to be had.
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Same here in the east. Gonna be skiing in mashed potatoes on Sunday.
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Midwest Melt down

Ahhhhh the snow is melting! Its going to be in the 50's by this weekend. Its already been in the upper 30's.

And the snowman is gone... nothing left but a Blob.:sniff:
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I hate rain. Everyone is talking about how it so nice out, I have been crying all week.
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Snow is just about gone. Whaaaaaa! :snif:

The only good side to this is my husband and I are cleaning out the garage and getting it set up for an early spring garage sale. And I am getting my seed catalogs out. Kids are outside playing, dog isn't under my feet.
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PCMR has had 46 inches of powder in the last 48 hours!
Sorry couldn’t resist.
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Originally posted by eastsucks:
PCMR has had 46 inches of powder in the last 48 hours!
Sorry couldn’t resist.
[img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Season is over for me....

Putting away the ski stuff and digging out the garden shed, airing out the camping stuff, and checking out the bikes.

:sigh: I wish I had one more week of snow.
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There's still snow in MI, right? RIGHT? Our church youth group is supposed to go to Caberfae the 13th of March. :
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I'm starting to panic a bit, too. March 1 means only 2 more months before Baker closes, then I'll be forced to drive all the way to Whistler each weekend, unless I want to earn my turns.

Still, a good base this year (172" right now)means we should be good hiking into June.
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Originally posted by SnO*Eagle:
Season is over for me....

:sigh: I wish I had one more week of snow.
I think the same is true for me. We hit Cascade on Friday, and Granite Peak on Saturday and Sunday. I'm so glad I went skiing the last two weeks. It's sad how things can come to a grinding halt all at once. I was hoping to ski into the first two weeks in March. I might be able to make it out one more week to Cascade if the rain doesn't take it all away. It's hard to take a chance at driving three hours for poor conditions.

On the brighter side it's almost time to get my summer toy out, it's a 1980 chevy corvette I picked up last summer.

I hope all the rest of you guys with good snow out there are hitting it!

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There is still snow at the upper mich hills but there is almost none in the lower half of the Lower Peninsula.
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The crapo winter that has blanketed the east is almost over - some areas will begin closing this week in New Hampshire... Meanwhile, winter is in full swing out west...
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Caberfae and Crystal still have snow. Perpetual mashed potatoes skiing the past week with temps from 40-50 every day. Don't know what will be left this weekend, but so far the base is still there. . . .
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I have 2 more weekends suppossedly. We'll see how it goes. Only like, 20-40" base, but that should last a week and a half. Might be hauling out the rock skis for closing day though.
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Thanks for the info, Midwestskier. It looks like there might be snow showers early next week, so that will help. I can deal with mashed potatoes.

Zacman, where are you?
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I skied on "fresh powder" (actually looked more like frost) today at Schuss Mtn. With temps below freezing for the first time in several days, it was really slick for awhile. Not used to all that NOISE!! By 1 p.m., the slopes returned to the mush we've had in Northern Michigan for the last few days, but at least it wasn't rain.
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Go west young man (woman)!!!
Just got back from snowmass....14" inches new pow on sat. and sunday...Hope to go back and meet friends this weekend for a couple more days...Never had conditions so good...Sorry about your mid-west weather..
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Lets see - last year I skied June 10th at Mammoth their last weekend - then July at Mt Hood - timberline then a week in August at Mt Hood

Tried to ski Mt Hood late September but the palmer snow field was virtually gone (a first).

Tried to ski mid October in CO but CO melted.

So I skied all last year but 2 months. I'm planning Mt Hood race camp again in August - so not sure when my season will end this year.
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We don't seem to be experiencing this "meltdown". I have well over a foot of snow to blow out of my driveway right now, and the national weather service says we should expect 6 to 11 more before tomorrow morning.......

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Hey SLATZ, if you haven't heard, your future home mountain has been dealing with the problem of too much snow this year. Mt. Ashland has been closed numerous days this season due to too much snow falling. Their base is 10 feet at the bottom and 14 feet at the top.
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7 Springs is melting fast as well. At the current rate I suspect we'll be closed in about 2 more weeks...unless something drastically changes. 50's to 60's during the day and only 40's at night...the snow (mush) is turning brown and bare spots are popping up all over.

Sure doesn't look like my level 1 has any chance of happening on March 27th.
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As I sit here with 40mph winds and 70+ temps I am still thinking about making turns down the hill to port and starboard. :
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50 degrees and rain with high winds here. Hope is no the horizon. Forecasts call for sub-32 degree temps at night for the next week.
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Sounds like Vermont...sigh! although it's not quite that warm (opens front door) in fact it's quite chilly out there. And very wet. I shall postpone my walk to the PO and library!
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Originally posted by Pierre:
As I sit here with 40mph winds and 70+ temps I am still thinking about making turns down the hill to port and starboard. :
Isn't that wind nuts?
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Unfortunatly there's not a trip in my forseeable future. (except to the FIS race at Mt LaCrosse tomorrow)
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There'd better be some serious snow coming to northern NE pretty soon or I shall throw a wobbly!
It's really raining out there. Crisis: I'm out of food (except porridge) and shall have to wade to the supermarket!
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