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Winter Park, CO info please

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I just found out about this site and forum and just in time. I am heading out to Winter Park, CO for the first time with a northern NJ ski club this week. I plan on being there from 3/21-3/25.

I have been skiing for 20 years or so. I have been a volunteer ski patroller in the Pocanos for 3 years now and am a solid skiier and have been out to the Jackson Hole area, Lake Tahoe area, Alta and Snowbird, Park City area and all over the northeast US skiing.

How are conditions at Winter Park/Mary Jane right now?

Any recommendations for some nice runs? (If anyone has any secret stashes of powder then PM me please if you would like to share the info)

Any cool sights or nightspots to check out in the area? How about some good places to eat?

I usually just play it by ear and talk to the bartenders and people working at the area as well as people on the lifts with season passes to find out where the happening places are. Just figured that I'd use the internet for something useful for once.

If there is a thread or topic with this info somewhere here then please let me know. I did some searches but couldn't find anything current.
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Welcome to epicski and to Winter Park.

We're currently having typical springtime in the Rockies conditions. Frozen and fast in the AM and warm and slushy in the PM. Still lots of good coverage with no bare spots. The Spring Breakers are out in force so it's pretty crowded on the popular trails. Stay off Cranmer. Long lines at the Prospector and Eskimo Express lifts even on weekdays.

The only powder would be found in trees over on the Jane but it's been pretty warm the past week so it's all been compacted. We may get something on Thur or Friday. I'll be instructing on 3/20 & 3/21 but then I'm headed over to Steamboat to go racing.

If you want to meet the Ski School staff, hang out at the "Coffee and Tea Market" from 4 PM till it closes and then things drift over to "The Pub". If you want to live on the wilder side head to Crooked Creek Saloon in Fraser. The underage crowd tends to try to get into "Buckets". The best eats in town are at "The Shed" in Winter Park. There's always a line to get in there however. Winter Park is pretty small and isn't exactly a party town. If you check around however you can find places that have rap contests with people who are dressed in red, white, and blue spandex calling themselves Captain Freedom.:

If you have any questions, ask the people standing around the base area holding the signs with a "?" on it.

Have fun
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Skied for 20 years? Stick to Mary Jane side. The challenger lift is rarely crowded; many of the more interesting steeper runs are off "Derailer" there. If the summit six pack is packed, you can lap the pony express chair, not very much vert but nice runs off of it. If the Iron Horse chair is running, arrowhead loop from top to bottom is nice. if snow comes, go over to the new Eagle Wind for some fine tree skiing, just avoid the run under the chair. I'm sorry but i don't think powder is likely although i sure wish it was 'cause we plan to be there then too.

I ditto Crooked Creek. nice atmosphere, funky pool tables, food is OK. WP is not known for its nightlife. The cafe in the little yellow house in town (forget what it's called, but you can't miss it) has great breakfast if you want to hit the slopes late one day.
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Nice to meet you DaySailer1 and Mom. Thanks for the info!! I really appreciate it.

I'll most definately have to check out "the pub" and Crooked Creek. We have some partiers in the group so between us and the spring breakers it should liven things up a bit.

We get in tomorrow night and I'm so stoked!! Can't wait to get out there!!!
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I would say the best eats in town are Hernandos. My 2c
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