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Just the other day and nice package showed up at my door and inside none other than a pair of 150 aggressors . I had to wait a few days to get on them but Sunday I drove up to Keystone and gave them a try .
My other ski boots are the speedmachine 14s , Icon XT 17 and I have owned the Race Pro 130 . Let me say that the new aggressor ski boot is a boot that will amaze you in every single way . My edge sets were so fast I could not even keep up and they were just perfect flex wise . The only thing I did notice was that at the end of the day my calf muscles were sore - I have never had that happed but still this is some ski boot .
I was not sure I would like the offset but it's not as bad as I thougth and after 3 turns it was all grins for me .
For sure quicker edge to edge than the 130
More powerful than the XT 17s
The SP 14 is really not a boot to compare it to since it has more forward lean .
Nordica is on to something here - Now this weekend I will try them with a booster strap .