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Deer Valley easiest greens and blues?

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We'll be skiing Deer Valley from 3/26 to 3/30 with a 3.5 year old and and two 6 year olds. Due to the recent and predicted continued warm temps we'd like to stay as high on the mountain as possible. What are some of the easiest greens and blues off of Flagstaff and Bald Mountain. Are the groomed blues in Empire Canyon doable by an advanced beginner to low level intermediate skier?
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http://www.deervalley.com/skiing/trail-map.jsp go HERE! Than look for greens and single blue squares in the locations you are interested in. All of the aforementioned trails cater your needs. Have fun, the mountain is just all about bunny hill!
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The easiest single blues on the upper mountain are those of the Northside Express on Flagstaff. Supreme is the easiest run off Empire Canyon but it is a bit of a step up so I would test with the others first. Hidden Treasure off Red Cloud on Flagstaff is pretty easy. Homeward Bound to Sunset follwed by Birdseye are the easiest runs off Bald Mountain. There aren't many green runs up on the upper mountain apart from the Trump/Ontario twin runs. Also, don't necessarily ignore the lower mountain since a number of those runs are pretty well shaded (e.g. Dew Drop and Solid Muldoon).
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Northside is nothing BUT blues, all very easy,hence the busiest lift at DV. Don't foregt Onterio, off the top of Qaud Knob,err i mean Flagstaff. Takes you right back down to the bottom of Flagstaff on the front side, and Qunincey HSQ or Redcloud.
Last Chance on Bald Eagle, is a must with the kids, the will get a kick out of the 'bear house'.
Don't forget Deer Hollow is a green out to Deer Crest.
SB77 assement is about as good as it get.
Each lift will have a sign with names or runs off that lift that have been groomed. You can also pick up a free list of the daily groooming report.
And at the end of the day , if you need to get back to Snow Park and the parking lots, and if it's been a warm day.Chances are Success, the easiest green off Bald Eagle will be bumped up with slush mogals,(dv does not groom during the day for insurance reasons and safty of the public), no fear, you can ride Silver Lake Express all the way back down from Silver Lake Villege, aka Mid Mtn. It down loads right outside Silver Lake Lodge, runs up over the top of Bald Eagle, and unloads you right back at the base next to Carpenter. No more struglling with trying to get the kids down Sucess.
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Tahoe pretty much hit them. Last Chance is really the greenest blue around. Toughest part is the beginning of the run, just past the break off from Success. Just avoid the tree well in the middle of the run. The houses are fun. The Golden Retriever is sweet, and you can hook up with Success or Rosebud again easily.

Trump, Ontario, Homeward Bound--all nice and skiable for anyone who knows how to ski. Given the conditions, I wouldn't take the 3.5 year old on any blue other than Last Chance. Have fun, be careful. Not necessarily in that order.
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