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Best ski conditions in the Alps this month (March)?

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Is anyone on this board there now, or been recently? A friend has a chance to go skiing in the Alps, but short of checking the resort websites one by one, doesn't know which might offer the best opportunity for an intermediate skier in this year of low snow. Probably the higher the better, but is there any area that has actually gotten a good amount of snowfall?

My friend is in Spain, so France and Switzerland are closer than Austria, if that makes a difference.

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It's been snowing pretty heavily this week, and at least from what I can tell the totals seem higher in France/Swiss than in Austria. That impression could be wrong, though.

Austria isn't necessarily farhter (OK, geographically it is), though. Depends on where you are trying to get in relation to airports.

I'd start by checking here:
to see where he can fly cheaply.

I'd then check here:
to see what resorts are nearby and what the conditions are.

Are we talking a couple days, a couple weeks, what?
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Right now, as I'm typing this, the Pyrénées are NUKED ! 4+ feet in the last 48 hours.
If your friend is in Spain, forget the Alps. Go get some at the Pic du Midi !

Ok, maybe not the Pic if he's an intermediate... But definitely in the Pyrénées.

Otherwise, check this :
http://www.skipass.com/meteo/ for the weather
http://www.skipass.com/webcams/ for the webcams

For swizterland :
http://www.isocolt.ch/ this site is nice.
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Plenty of snow in the 4 valleys, Thyon 2000 more due Friday so looking very good for easter if you want more info contact calvadosonline@gmail.com
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Hey, welcome to Epic! Do you ship Calvados to the States?

Sorry to hijack the thread, but Calvados is one of my basic food groups.
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Was at Jungfrau, Switzerland this past week. Snowed every single day!

This is a strange season. The snow came late, both in here and in the Alps. From what I heard, much of the Alps got hit by some pretty heavy snow fall last week. But depends when your friend will be going, it's also melting fast. So, for Easter or later, better stay high.

Go to the UK equivalent of Epic call snowheads.com. There's a whole forum devoted to snow conditions, which has snow report from almost all the big resorts. Or if you look under "resorts", there's tons of opinions on which is good for what kind of skiers.

For intermediate, the terrain in Jungfrau is quite good.
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Engelberg, CH seems to have gotten well over a meter of snow last week. Not sure about totals elsewhere, but I'm sure they were substantail. Garmisch even got 50 cm and went from basically closed to near full operation.

It's been warm this week, though, so I'm not sure how well things are holding up. Webcams from the two aforementioned resorts still look good, though.
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Check out Chamonix. There is more snow there now than when I was there two weeks ago and we had plenty of snow then so it should be great now.
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Zermatt is a great place for an intermediate skier .Very high alttitude yields reliable snow .
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