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Quick question on Nordica Nitrous

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My stats:

Age: 33 (skier for 25 years)
Level: 7+
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 185

I have the opportunity to buy a pair of 170cm Nordica Nitrous, but I haven't skied Nordica before. I've demoed skis from Volkl (AC4 and S5), Rossignol (B3), K2 (Apache Recon) and Salomon (X-Wing series).

I prefer a stiffer ski and I definately prefer a wood core. I like the firm Volkl feeling over the damp Rossi feeling, but Volkls are a little out of my price range. I didn't like the Rossi dampness at all.

I'm looking for a ski that can bust through PNW crud and heavy snow and still allow for days on the groomers, but I'm not a speed-freak by any means.

So how does a Nordica Nitrous fall on the Volkl - Rossi firm to damp spectrum?

Thanks! :
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I think I must be your long lost sister.
I have enjoyed the feel of the volkl line, with the stable feel they give you while giving you a nice "pop" coming out of a turn. I demoed several Rossi's, and though I read about how much some people love them, I could hardly wait to give them back to the rep. Damp, dead, flat feeling. If I had to describe the rossi's (I demoed 4 pair) they left me completely uninspired.

As for the Nordica line. I demoed a bunch of Nordicas and got some kind of inspiration out of most all of them.
I bought the Nitrous!!!! You will love it!

My husband is "dyed in the wool volkl" and he gave me a bunch of hassle about buying a nordica, until he finally tried it. Now, he's telling me I need to find another ski because the Nitrous is HIS new ski.

Volkl AC4 comparison to Nitrous.
Both Fantastic skis!!!
The nitrous doesn't have that pop coming out of a turn, but its still got energy, no flat feeling at any point, Busts through the crud and no speed limit. When you crank up the volume, the just keep giving, and yet don't take away from the forgiveness and stability.

The AC4 can be a bit more demanding. I Love the AC4, and have just as much fun on it, but find that I have to stay on top of it a bit more.

My stats:
Female Advanced skier, likes to mix it up with short and long turns. Stay on edge as much as possible. Likes bumps, and speed.
130 lbs
Male Advanced skier, getting better on edge, skis in the back seat, a bit old school. Okay in bumps and loves speed on groomers.
180 lbs
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Thanks for the great feedback! I was the same way with the Rossis. I spent 30 seconds on the B3 and it felt really damp. I gave it a couple more runs and it didn't help at all.

I'll definately check out the Nitrous then. It sounds like a great ski! I like the bumps, so I'll probably buy in a 170 cm. I love the feeling of the energy when I come through a turn and I like feeling like I have to push against the ski to get it to work for me. It feels like both the ski and I are working together, while the Rossi felt like the ski wasn't giving me any pushback at all.
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I demoed the Nitrous in the 178 and I am approximately the same height and weight as you. Conditions that day were typical western spring conditions (mashed potatoes and slurpee). I found it to be quite stiff and fairly responsive. I didn't get a chance to demo the 170. However, I did ski the 170 length of the Modified and loved it. I found the flex of the Modified a bit more even and preferred it to the Nitrous. If bumps are your thing, then you might want to consider trying the Modified if you can. You might want to try the Dynastar Legend 8800s (or 8000s). The Legend 8800s in a 178 are an extremely versatile ski that can do almost anything. Dynastar is dropping the Legend 8800, so you might get a great deal on them.
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