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Finally took them to a more varied slopes (Blue Mountains Ontario is my
playground) at Sutton Quebec. Six days from -10C to +14C, from sun to
heavy rain, anything between slush and ice rink. Very reliable. Took
them everywhere except for the icy moguls (not much a mogul skier
anyway) tried them there on a forgiving warmer days and impressed
myself, but still having problems with predilections to keep my knees
together and then the wide tips are getting in the way. I think I'll go
for mogul skis (I'm adamant to improve in that department) next season
as I don't want to abandon tendency of keeping them together (the knees
). Last 5 seasons I spent on Kastle GS boards, very stable at speed but
this Atomic.. I hardly can see any difference.
And in the steepest I could find, they hold on edges confidently.
Worth recommendation, although I'm sure there is number of other skis
that will do the same.<br>
To surmised, I liked the experience.<br>
I'm 175cm and 73kg<br>