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Sunday River Whistler Shootout

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Does anyone have the resuts of the shootouts?
A friend of mine had a son in them and I'm wondering how he did.

Thanks, Steve
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Thanks .. boy do I feel stupid !
I only checked that site like 10 times and never had enough sense
to click on month .. etc.
I thought they only left the results up for the day.:

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Kombi results are posted on live timing, also.

All the kids deserve praise. The snow was soft after the big dump on Fri night/Sat, so the courses became rutted and challenging over time.

The course workers and coaches did an admirable job plowing, raking, and shoveling, but it's a tough job with a fresh 14 inches or so.

Some amazing skiing went on (all weekend.) I skied over 14K feet of vert on Monday between 9 and 2:30. The kids seemed remarkably fresh and ready to continue after it was over. A few begged to run the super-x course one more time.

Oh to be young again.
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Good to hear!
Maybe I'll get to meet you at one of the Tristate races next year.

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