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Snowbird - mid-April

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Planning a trip from the east coast out to Snowbird 4/14. I'm not asking anyone to predict the weather but considering current conditions and warm weather on the horizon, would you cancel or stick it out? I'm getting about to the point of no turning back. I've never skied out west before so not sure how well the snow holds up in spring conditions.

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Just hope for some snow in the next month. I was out there last week and it was the worst snow I've ever skiied in Utah. Surely though, they will get some snow before then. With the low snow year, I have never seen so many bare spots and rocks before.

I would stick it out though. You will still enjoy it, even if the conditions are lame.
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Stick it out. I go to the bird every year later than that and it's usually pretty good.
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April 14th is the start of Week 15... Generally a good week of spring skiing and usually gets some fresh snow. I owned a timeshare at the Bird during Week 16 for 18 years (I was 22 when I bought) and conditions were decent every one of those 18 years! Keep in mind that Snowbird will stay open well into May even during the worst of years.

Have a good time skiing some of the North American Continent's best spring conditions
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Anybody know how the cover is in lcc at this time? Is it good enough if they got a good powder day you could ski steep stuff without fear of hitting stuff?
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