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Help! Need another ski for wife

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Looks like I screwed up. My wife had been skiing some Volkl G3s for the last five years and was happy with them. They were getting pretty worn out and we thought it was time for her to move on. I had had a pair as well a few years ago and thought the more modern stuff would perform a lot better. She skis blacks and easy trees/bumps but does still skid a bit sometimes when it gets steeper. From the tons of positives here I had her demo the RX8 and she loved it. Conditions were good that day, packed powder, some new. Based on that I bought a pair. We've skied a couple of days since all in new snow and she continued to rave about the RX8s. She went from last to first in out family "pack" down some fast groomers, quite a change.

Based on this a situation came up where someone I knew wanted the G3s so we let them go. This weekend we skied Beaver Creek in spring conditions and today she tells me she hated the RX8s. Wishes she had the G3s back. We ski spring conditions a lot and she needs a ski she can enjoy on those days. Help. What can I find right now used/new/on sale that would fill this bill. We just dropped $500 on the RX8s so I'd like to keep it under $300. I was thinking a wider twin all mountain maybe? I have some Karmas that are fun in the spring crud and will skid just fine. Maybe an older straighter ski like the Volkl? I'm lost on this one and spring break starts in a week.

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RX8s out west????? There are two problems with them. One, they are 5mm narrower in the waist than what you're wife is used to. Second, they have much more sidecut making them very squirrelly and hooky in softer snows.

The saying now is "80 is the new 70". Skis with waists around 80mm ski like skis with 70mm waists 5 years ago. Skis I would suggest would be the Head Sweet Fat Thang, Volkl Queen Attiva, Fischer AMC79 and the Rossignol B2W in that order. The Sweet Fat Thang and Queen Attiva are around 87mm in the waist, do powder & crud well but still do a decent job carving, though not as good as the G3s. The AMC79 and B2W are around 78-79mm in the waist, carve well and do a decent job in softer stuff (better than her G3s but not as good as the other two skis suggested.)
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In the NEED SOMETHING NOW category: Atomic M:EX
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The Volkl Queen Attiva is the female version of the Kerma. ptex1 was selling them for $250.
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AR6's, that's what she needs, or any all mtn. twin.
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Fischer Rangi - 88 underfoot and you can get the 05/06 which is the same as 06/07 very cheap right now at the right places. I bought the Fischer Maunga for my gf for "out west" this year and she loves them - but she is smaller 5'3" 115# and a progressing intermediate so the smaller size and softer flex are perfect for her. I'd give those some thought. Good luck.
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Help! Need New Wife For Ski.

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Thanks for the help. I had forgotten about the Attivas, but 164 seems to be the longest around. We went through the whole process yesterday. "You've got a great carving ski, do you want a ski that will carve and ski spring crud or a ski that doesn't carve as well but will ski crud and powder?" She chose the former. I've got a line on some AX3s that should do the job. The Rangi looks like a great choice and the price is right. If it were me that's where I'd be going.
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Your wife confirmed my opinion of the RX-8 in soft snow or crud -- they can be a handful. It is possible to ski them just fine in those conditions with an adjustment in technique, but there are many other skis that make soft snow easy to handle. Karmas or PEs would be great as long as she is comfortable with the wider waist and the twin tips (I believe these can both make skis feel clumsy underfoot to someone who is used to more traditional skis). Keep an eye on SteepAndCheap.com, they have been intermittently selling PEs for $187 in the last day or so.

What size RX-8 is she on?
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Don't know if this will help you, but I have a few QA's and Dyanastar Legend Powders (84mm pretty stiff) avail in 172.

Here is the link to the QA pkg, (also avail flat) And the LP flat.



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