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'Freeskiing' comps

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What is up with freeskiing comps nowadays? I was watchin some footie of one from Snowbird and one from Crested Butte, and it seems to me that they are nothing more than a huckfest, and the skiing itself consisted of skiing up to the jump, and skiing away after creating a hole in the ground. The competitors probably spent as much time in the air as on the ground. I always thought freeskiing comps were about skiing the steepest, deepest terrain and only the occasional cliff huck.

I remember in some Warren Miller film (I think 'Fifty') they had some footie of a comp in Chamonix, and it was mighty impressive. Some of the terrain looked like it was 60+ degrees steep in places, they were up to their knees in pow, and you could tell how steep the terrain really was (they were goin down the hill faster falling than skiing).

In comparison, the Snowbird and Crested Butte comps looked like a joke, except for the cliffs, but half the time the skiers couldn't even ski out of their jumps, they just planted their butts in the snow.

I guess my real question is which type of comp is the norm? And also does someone have to huck a 60 footer just to win, or can you do it with fast, technical run down the steeps (à la Nobis)?
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There are some very impressive airs, but also a lot of amazing *very* high speed skiing through heavy crud and trees. The speed and control these guys maintain in very diverse and difficult conditions are incredible. These competitors are exceptionally talanted.

The problem with the sport from a spectator standpoint is that you can't see much of the run and they are hard to film because the competitors have a wide range of area through which to chose their line. So the cameras tend to mainly capture high prbability and obvious spots (like jumps). I've been on the course with my camera shooting the events and there is a lot of waiting for someone to come your way, but when they do they are charging and turning hard. Some of the best skiing I've ever seen.

To see what I mean, Here's a FreeRide Comp Photo Essay I shot at Snbowbird.
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Nice Photos, AC
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Nice work AC!
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