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2007 Stockli Laser Cross Pro 177cm

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Stockli skier for six years. Masters racer, live in upstate NY, ski anything except trees and rock-hard moguls. 6'0, 215. Based on 2 days at Gore mountain: 1 bulletproof day, the other after a foot of fresh dry cut powder. Skis are 113-72-98, 20.2meter radius. Marker Titanium cc bindings, DIN set at 9.

Ooh baby! What did those Swiss concoct now? I would place this ski midway between a race GS and the current Stormrider XL. Supple tip, but very stiff tail. Wants to run fast and hard, although it cooperates if you stay centered-forward and ski like you're serious. GS race turns are awe- inspiring, Just set the edges, drop the hip inside and go like hell! Even slalom turns are nice, though it takes a light touch keep them from locking up too much in their GS radius. On boilerplate, the skis track like on a race course. The tail takes some adjustment since it wants to keep you in whatever line you chose. In powdery bumps they perform with authority. Almost too powerful. Speed? I was running up to 55mph on these and they had much more to give. Forgiveness? The tip is supple enough to allow nice flex in powder and cut up crud, but demands commitment to the turn. If you stay forward and assertive, no problem. If you relax too much, then welcome to the Superman coaster at Six Flags--it skis you. The skis require technique and finesse, but the rewards are substantial. No comparison to last year's Cross Pro--totally different ski. I think they are the most versatile Stockli for East/West all-mountain IF you are on top of your game. Skis them with skill and conviction and you will beat everyone down the hill. Car comparison: Mercedes AMG.
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Could not agree with you more . I just took my 177 CPs out for a day of fun and they just hold on anything . You are correct with that tail - once you set the edge it's locked . This weekend was the first time I really tried to make short turns on them and the amout of rebound is crazy but still fun . I do have the R17 race plate but man ! they sure rail . OH! bevels are set 1 and 3
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I find the Cross CR24 to be just as versatile and fun without being quite so demanding. Holds on ice, plows through crud, and doesn't balk at bumps. Very nice ski.
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The cross Pro is not as hard to ski as the Stormrider . Although still stiff , its not as hard to ski as the original cross Pro as well . I think it is almost the perfect all ski for most conditions but I would not take them in deep , deep powder . Wait! I dont ski deep powder .
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