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I decided to hit Bretton Woods on Sunday. They have a lot of low-angle widely-spaced glades, so I figured I might be able to get a few more powder turns in.

I had no idea that about 5" of snow fell Saturday night, so the first thing I found was fluff. Woohoo! Wasted no time in tracking that up. Found a couple deep areas along the sides of the open trails. Deep crusty stuff from Saturday with the fluff on top.

Spent pretty much the rest of the day exploring BW's glades. They are wide open and low-angle. I've never done much glade skiing, so it was a nice way to really get into it. Definitely found some untracked lines through the glades, which I was more then happy to baptize. Definitely found some more rocks with the ski bases as well, but uhhhh -- tools, not jewels!

Not quite as epic as Saturday was, but still a really special day. Easily one of the top weekends I've ever had in New England. Ullr skunked us in a big way for a long time, but he's making up for it in a big way.