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See the trend here?

We awoke at 5AM to a blinding blast of lake effect here NW of Syracuse. The promise of good snow east of here inspired us to push on. Today it was my son, my 18 YO daughter's boyfriend and I. Boyfriend is a top notch racer (been invited to Empire State Games last 3 years). We pressed east expecting to drive out of the such luck. It continued all the way to Gore and it took us 3:15 rather than the normal 2:45 to get there. Still on the gondi at 9 AM.

Weather early was temperate (about 20 degrees) and snowing steadily but lightly. Wind was scouring the tops of the hills, but once you dropped off the summits, didn't notice it.

We headed immediately for the Straightbrook Quad to get to the summit and found sweet, soft chop on Chatiemac with very soft bumps forming. The top of Rumors (the steepest skiing at Gore) was closed, so we bypassed for Lies (perhaps the 2nd steepest there). Again it was sweet. Soft snow everywhere and at the edges, was especially nice. Nothing untracked, but for the east coast, this was hero snow.

We then headed down to get some high speed verts and skied Twister. Unfortunately, they had a tykes race on the lower 1/3 (the best part) so we decided to head back up top. We skied a couple of runs on the Bear Mountain area and found more sweetness especially on the edges. Another couple of blasts to the top of the Straightbrook and noticed they opened the Rumor bypass. This puts you about 2/3 of the way up, but eliminates the cliff-like top pitch...I suspect the rain last week made that part unskiable and the patrol didn't want to try to clear it. Nobody had laid a track on that top part and we didn't want to be the first, not knowing what was under that layer of Nor'easter fluff. The lower 2/3 was building huge, soft bumps and we did a couple of laps until the quads were smoking. Time to head in for a quick lunch. I had Gumbo with rice and a biscuit. The gumbo had a real Crawfish in it..very tasty and really hit the spot.

After lunch, the sun broke through and it turned into a marketing day. Temps in the mid 20's, bluebird sky, soft snow holding up nicely...Heaven on Earth. We headed over to Upper and Lower Steilhang. There's a pretty good stretch of that trail that is almost identical to Castlerock at the 'Bush and we were breathing pretty hard once we hit the old double chair that took us back up. A couple more laps on Lies plus a couple on Uncas (Bear Mountain) and we were done. A leisurely run down Quicksilver and we headed for the car for the blast home at 3:30. We stopped in Pleasant Lake for Gatorade and beef jerky. Made it in record time (clear roads, no traffic) and got things cleaned up.

The only thing better than the snow, the sun, and the lack of crowds on the black diamonds was the fact that Gore ran an unadvertised special - Bring Your Son on Sunday. The 2 boys skied for free and my Empire card got me a ticket for $52. That's $17.33 each....for a deal whore like me, that's like hitting the MegaMillions!

Here's me all the way home -