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Vail 4/6-4/8 tickets?

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Hey peeps, it's getting close so I thought I'd throw out a message here. Tiff is good for tickets to Vail, but I've only got the Ski3 Pass, so I still need to get tickets for me. I plan to ski Fri and Sat which are both slated as Vail days, so I need at least 2 tickets. I also plan to ski Sunday but is listed as an off day, though I know there will be people skiing somewhere. I know there are lots of different options for tickets, so I thought I'd post and let it be known that I'm on the lookout for tickets. If anyone has any generous offers out there, they'd be much appreciated. Take care everyone, and I hope to see lots of friends out there in a couple weeks.

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Mike, I've still got the $40 guest passes left on my pass. I'm only there 5&6th.
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Mike, I think I have a couple of $10.00 off regular price good for those days but that is it...not much but helps a little with the sting.
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It sounds like i'll have a couple of the reduced price tickets off my pass. I'll be in Vail from 3/31 to 4/7 and Breck the following week. If I can help out let me know.
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Thanks guys. Bong was nice enough to pass on a good deal, so I should be covered. Thanks for the offers.

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I still have all my ski with a friend tickets.....6 I think.....not a big discount but there for those who may need it.

Mike....check to see when next years pass goes on sale with Vail Resorts. You may be able to get it now and use it.....I'm not sure, but it's worth a phone call.
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