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3/18 Epic day at Berkshire East

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Yesterday, Saturday, was great, but due to the sleet after the foot plus of snow, there was very unpleasant breakable crust where it was untracked. The tracked up snow was fantastic, bumps, trees, everything! A little heavy but not really.

Today, Sunday, was one of the best days at the 'Beast in years! The groomers were just so smooth and soft, not cordoruy, but perfect soft NATURAL snow.

The bumps were everywhere, big, small, in between and soft.

The glades (which I don't really ski well, but did try a bit) were sweet.

It is an incredible mountain when it's all open.

Oh and skiing on to the lift, or at the most waiting on a lift line for about ONE MINUTE!

Please don't come, go somewhere else, we want to keep it a secret! :

1,000 vertical feet of steep, challenging, as well as great intermediate terrain - plus some nice beginner stuff. But SOME of the green slopes there would be black diamonds elsewhere - I kid you not.
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That was a day for the memory book!

God, How I love our little mountain! I'm caught in the same dilemma as SkiMangoJazz--I want to sing it's praises in Public, but I also want to keep it somewhat secret. We've now had about 5 weeks of absolutely dynamite skiing!

The Left side of Flying Cloud (Upper and Lower) was the best bumps I've skied all year (and how about UMASS__I Hope they never groom it again!!)

AND-I finally got courageous enough to follow some of the other Patroller's Teenage Kids off of a few of the cliff jumps!! For Real!-Including that One at the end of the woods off of lenny's leap (that jumps out right above the Top Notch learner lift--yeah, where grumpy patrollers hang out and threaten to pull tickets for jumping--I got scolded by my director, but---he laughed too!) and Finally hit the jump/ drop off of avalanche (I'm such an airborne chicken! But, I got some cheers and laughs from the gaggle of teenage rippers).What a day!

I'll be Patrolling at the Beast, Tuesday and Probably Wednes and Friday-could be the best week of skiing this year!

Ski Mango-I'll probably be there on this Sunday too--we should get a few runs together before the season closes!
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Great post Liam. I did some stuff this weekend I've never done before too. I skied Horace's Grove (just not a tree skier normally) and as many bumps as possible. The Chute at the bottom of Mohawk was even a lot of fun.

Skiing this week locally at the wa and taking my Certification Exam there on Thursday/Friday - but I WILL be at the 'beast this weekend, so I will definitely look for you on Sunday.

Nice job on getting scolded by your director! Have fun this week, wish I could be there, all Wachusett has is groomers and nothing steep. (Still what I need to get ready for an exam which will be asking me to ski wedge turns, wedge christies and open parallel.)
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Best of luck on your exam!

the wedging stuff is kind of funny-I never really thought about it until I started patrolling--who knew there was such a thing as a good and proper wedge turn!?!

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Ok-Tuesday March 20th-officiallly my best day on the slopes this year. The Beast was sunny (a bit breezy but pretty warm in the mid 30's), had 2-3 inches of fresh snow coating the ungroomed nooks and crannies, and it was EMPTY!!! I mean, like 30-50 people skiing the whole day!

I was one of the wekday pro-patrollers--but we had no accidents or incidents of any kind.

I skied bumps and trees all morning-until my wife and my 4 year old son stopped by-I skied with them until 2:15 when she left to pick up our older boy at school and then skied, without a break (with a good friend) until 4:30, when we closed the mountain (and I skied a completely empty hill during sweep). Every turn was just pure delight, everything felt great-the scenery, my skills, ah-that was it-March 20, 2007 best day for me this year.

Dang-I love this sport!

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