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3/18: Epic Day at Kton

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Wow, what a fantastic day at Kmart today. 18" of snow yesterday. 6" over night then another 6" while we were there today! forget "you sould have been here yesterday.." today was the day to be here. We were making knee deep tracks all day in the woods. The was some of the lightest snow I have ever skied including Utah. It was EPIC!
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I hear you, Phil. VT got hammered....I'm toast. Skied like a nut today. Since Fri 36" have fallen on Mad River Glen. It snowed so hard today in a way that I've only experienced previously at Alta. I'm 6'9" and had thigh-deep snow in some wooded areas. Truly fabulous.......wow.........
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I think I saw you in the base box! It was sick out there today
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was there too - I agree - was prolly my best day this year in Vt, maybe overall. It's amazing how I can ski moguls so much better when there's 2 1/2 feet over em

It just kept snowing and snowing ....

Am seriously considering day off tommorrow (somehow).
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Sounds like today was the better day at Killington and I had a great day Saturday. Saturday there was a constant mist in the air. It iced up goggles badly. The mist also created a heavier powder. I like heavier powder too, but the over night cold and extra snow probably covered many of the rocks better - firmed up and dryed up powder.

Saturday was a tough day. It was challenging with hard bumps, with blown snow covering the valleys. The steeper bump runs and the natural trails were best, except for the amount of snow lost earlier in the week.

No major damage to the skis but lots of nicks.

Wish I could have made it today - some fine Vermont skiing!
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I can honestly say, it was fine skiing east/west/north/south. It is world class up here.
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I was at K-ton yesterday and could not believe the fluffines of the powder! Never ever experienced such a good day on the East coast. We took the last chair and enjoyed our last run down the Powerline, Great Northern and Highline. Even the sun smiled on us on that last one.
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I drove the extra hour to MRG cause I thought the snow was tracking further north, and cause I figured the slow lifts would spare the pow a little longer.

Sounds like maybe I didn't have to after all. (Not that it wasn't wonderful there, too.)

How were the crowds?
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An "Epic" TR without pictures??? Booooooo!!!!
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The next best thing yesterday at K-ton was lack of usual crowds. We drove into parking lot ~ 9:15 and parked on the upper lot. No lift lines, our longest wait for gondola was 3 minutes and absolutely no wait on Superstar, Canyons, North Ridge or anywhere else. By 2 PM the place was deserted. I was the only one on Rime at one point! Around 4:15 on the Highline, there were maybe 10 people, all just standing there admiring the quiet, empty mountain. Nobody realy wanted to go home.
Truly amazing.
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