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Review: Dynastar Mythic 178cm

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I had a chance to ski the 178cm Dynastar Mythic all day at Vail this weekend.

Me: 37yo. Level 9. Average 40-50 days yearly at Vail. 5'9" & 165 lbs.

Conditions: SPRING - boiler plate & frozen coral in the morning morphing into corn & frank slush by mid-afternoon with all possible variations in between. Conditions were very challenging which is my preference when demoing skis. I spent most of my time off-piste in the Back Bowls but also took some runs on the groomed & bumps.

Skis owned by me or recently demo'd: Volkl Mantras, Nordica Jet Fuel, Volkl Sanouk, Elan m666, Elan RIPSticks, Dynastar Contact 11, Nordica Mach 3, K2 Outlaw, K2 Recon, Atomic m11 & B5 (among others)

Review: I'm a former stiff-ski junkie who has migrated towards softer skis as of late. My 184cm Mantras have been my go-to skis the past two years for softer conditions so I was a bit skeptical about how the Mythic would perform in the slush & crud after doing the in-shop hand test which revealed the Mythic to be a stiff ski from tip to tail.
First few runs were down very firm groomers. I was immeditately & pleasantly surprised by Mythics smooth damp feel & tenacious edge hold. I'd rate the rebound energy as average. It's definitely more energetic than Mantra but not as much as my two sets of Elans. It goes edge-to-edge quickly but turn radius is fairly large and I gave up trying to bang out slalom turns almost immediately. This is a ski that likes to go long & fast with a high speed limit. On the groomers Mythic was reminiscent of the Nordica Jet Fuel although Mythic required far less energy to turn and was a lot more foregiving (I'm not a big Jet Fuel fan - too stiff & demanding for my size). Mythic's sweet spot is pretty large but this is a ski which requires strong modern technique. No smear turns here.

Around 11am I jumped into the back which was just beginning to soften but was still firm & cruddy. I REALLY enjoyed the Mythic in these conditions. Whereas my Mantras tend to push & bulldoze this kind of snow - which they do well but can also get deflected fairly easily - the Mythics just sliced right through this junk. The increased stiffness of the Mythic over Mantra was really noticeable and I was able to push this ski faster & through more difficult lines than my Mantras.

Mythic is definitely not as maneuverable in the bumps as the longer & fatter Mantras but can still get the job done. But make a bad turn or get behind this ski and it'll let you know it.

Overall, I think Mythic is a killer ski for fast long arcs on the groomed and. It is a superb crudbuster and provides excellent stability & dampness without feeling "dead". Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to ski it in fresh snow. I reckon it would do a decent job due on account of its width but I doubt it would be as effortless as my Mantras due to the increased stiffness. I consider Mythic to be an advance/experts only ski and think it would punish those without strong modern technique. It's not a laid-back ride but delivers tremendous performance to those who know how to ask for it.

The 178 Mythic is the front runner for my 2007/08 All-Mtn ski. It'll likely relegate my Mantras to early season/day-after-powder status now that I have a set of 193cm Volkl Sanouks for the deep days and 170cm Elan RIPSTick for firm days.
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Nice review wheel. Hopefully, in the next week or so you can report on how the Mystic does in spring powder.
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Don't forget to ski the new Elan 888 as well. I am going to ski the Mythic and 888 alot this week in varying conditions, and will follow up with a report on how they compare and contrast.
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I sent you an email last night. Lemme know if you didn't get it.
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Thanks for the great review. Dynastar has a unique & strong product line currently.

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Great review, and I agree. I did the same comparison last Thursday with similar conditions in my continued efforts to get a handle on the 184 Mantra.(also tested Snoop 185, AB 178, and Crimson 176).

The thing that struck me instantly about the MR is that it feels completely "neutral" This is a tribute to the straighter shape, and narrower tip. I think this is the reason that although the MR is not super nimble, it was far less prone to being deflected in some frozen sun cups that played tug '0 war with the tips of the Mantra. The dampness was a pleasant surprise too.

Complete brain (alleged) drain will follow Mon or Tuesday.

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Brain Dump?


I'm looking forward to the beta from your imminent download of recent impressions.

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