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I wanted to warn my colleagues that it appears skiershop.com may have gone under. The people there were helpful but they have stopped replying to my phone and voice messages, although they have not taken down their online store. I say this because they owe me a lot of money on goods I paid for but never received, and must now try to recover. Between my fraudulent buyer on ebay and this, I've about had it with e-commerce.
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Make that phone and email messages.
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E-commerce is tough, who to trust who is reliable. I've heard of good and bad about e-bay, but that is not the site's fault. I have tried to order a couple of things from smaller sites and have bad luck.
Cambria Bikes serviced me well.
Champ Sports screwed me at first but finally gave me back my money, so I ordered again and they delivered.
REI.com has been very good.
U-Bid.com is a good auction site, but watch out for those shipping charges cause the deal you are getting dissapears rather quickly at .$99 a pound.
Good luck getting what is owed to you!!!
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Bob B, A company I have received good service and prices from is www.camerworld.com
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I have found that former brick/mortar shops that have started selling online have much better customer support and better track record. Maybe its having to see their customers in person that make them realize where their business really lies.
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