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Bong, I will take you up on your offer for Friday. Thanks! See you at the Frisco park and ride.

I will be at the Frisco park and ride Thursday as well, with Bro Models in tow, hoping to get to Beaver Creek, so say hello.
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Originally Posted by bong View Post
I have go be back as soon as we finish skiing on Friday. I'm working at Copper on Saturday. Trayc, I have room if you want to go with us. Let me know I'm planning to be at the Frisco Park and ride behind Safeway.

Bong, that works for me. If you have room I would like to catch a ride with you. Lew
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LewBob and Trayc,
See you tomorrow. Should be fun on Friday.

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sorry for my late response ... i have been travelling. i am in frisco now (watching it snow like crazy) ... due to insane flight delays i rolled into town at 2am. blech

everyone has great carpool options ... maybe there's a way to consolidate some? seems to be a fair amount of folks in dillion/frisco.

i'll see e-mail later tonight. thanks!
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I got a message from LewBob ...

This seems to be the plan: meet at the Frisco Transfer Station at 8am to carpool

Can we *all* meet there at that time and just divy into cars and caravan over to Vail???

- I 70 west to exit 203
- enter roundabout and take the third exit out
- stay in right lane and continue toward lights
- turn right keeping hotels on your right and Safeway plaza on your left
- past the plaza turn left
- turn right into the Frisco Transfer Station Parking lot

Let's all meet in the spaces that face Safeway at 8am Friday.
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Sounds great!! See you all at 8am!!!

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