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LGC -- April 6 and 7

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hey everyone,

I wanted to put out the feelers and see who's staying where ... and, potentially, set up some carpooling to Vail. (save money on fuel and parking ... spend that money on apres cocktails instead!!)

thanks and see you soon,
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I'm going on the 5th and 6th as a single.
I'll be staying in Keystone and would love a ride either day so that I don't have to ask my 130k mile 4 cyl Jeep to make it over Vail Pass. I will also offer rides though they will be pretty slow ones. I will provide beer and/or gas money.


ps I've still got those $40 guest passes left on my season pass.
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Not sure where we'll be staying yet, but I plan to go up Thursday night and head back down on Sunday. If it works out I'd be happy to let someone ride with us. No rack on the truck, but would have room for one more.
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I will be in Frisco (right by the transfer center -- that's where the summit stages goes) that weekend. I'll have a rental car ... but should be room for me +2. Or, I am happy to ride with someone else.

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Betsy and I will be staying in Vail to avoid the drive (HATE THE DRIVE). Look forward to seeing you. Have a great trip in!
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Going up for the day on the 6th from Castle Rock (South Denver area) to Vail. I have room for 3 plus skis. I can catch someone too on the way.

Stevesmith7... I am interested in using a coupon for that day should they still be available. We could meet in Frisco?

CYA all soon...

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Jim, That sounds great. We'll work out the details.

I skied BC yesterday. Arrowhead/BG can't stay open much longer, lots of dirt.
It was almost 60 degrees down there, but we had some great high speed gs runs on perfect corn with no one else on the run. Went up high after lunch and it was crowded and icy, I don't get it.
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hey Don ... looking forward to seeing you guys.

regarding carpools: the frisco transfer station OR the nordic ski parking lot are both really easy places to meet up and continue onto vail. let's continue this discussion.

looking forward to skiing with everyone again ... my quads are sore from the slushy bumps I skied this weekend!!

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Been a while since I stopped in Frisco. Are there signs to the Frisco Transfer Center?

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Get off at the Frisco exit and take a right at the first stoplight. It's behind the hotels on the corner there (Best Western and ?). It's pretty big and sits right out in an open field so it's pretty hard to miss. I'm still good for your ride offer and I've got those $40 passes. I'm guessing if we need to be at the Vail meeting at 9:45 we should meet in Frisco at around 8am or so.


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if the roads are dry it's about 30 minutes from frisco to vail. park in vail village, do a quick gear change, get tickets and up the chair. I bet if you leave frisco between 8.15 and 8.30 you'd still be there on time.
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Vail parking is outrageous. I think Amanda and I will be driving from Dillon each day for Vail and BC. We will be in a 4WD so no worries about driving restrictions. We will have places for three more people if you are willing to put your skis in the roof rack.

Let us know if anybody wants to carpool.

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Up a little late on the carpool offer you are...
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I will be staying in Frisco starting Thursday night, so I can give Kiersten a ride. I pm'd you. LewBob (not Bob )
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Ok... Let's meet at the Frisco Transfer Center at 8ish

I can drive. Room for 3+ equipment. Skiis on top

I have a Silver Toyota RAV4

Equipment in the car & loaded, then leave at 8:15 sharp

At the latest I am leaving Vail at 5pm

Anybody wants in let me know

Looking forward to Friday!!!

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I'm in, I have a red explorer Thule box on top. I can take 3-4 people too.

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I'm in. I'll be in the dark blue Wrangler hardtop.

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i'm still sussing out the lodging (looking at either the Minturn or that other one for Thurs and Friday).

i have rented a mid-sized SUV for the days that I am out there, though.
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Assuming things fall into place, I'll be there Friday, in a Turquoise Jeep or Green Sube.

I'll be in dire need of a cold draught or two and a bite Thursday evening. Anyone else and where?
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I have a silver Legacy wagon and just put the rack on: I usually put skis inside. I will have room for up to 3 and will do a beer or 2 after, but no dinner as I have family back at the condo. I will try to be at the pick up point 8 to 8:15. Sounds like a convoy!! If we have too many drivers I will ride with someone else. See y'all soon.

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I've got a ride with Viking Kaj so won't be needing one. See you at Vail.

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i am presently in Denver.

will be heading to BC early tomorrow morning and staying at the Roost Thurs/Fri.

looking forward to sucking some vapor trails (i.e. riding behind some sweet plank riders).

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Bong, what is your plan apres ski? I would love to ride with you. Either of us could drive. LewBob
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Hokay Dookey, One more new face at LGC. This is Epic, pun intended. LewBob
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i got room for two as i rented a Jeep Liberty.

currently in Denver by Invesco Field working. will be headed out bright and early tomorrow morning (should i alott what, 2-3 hours to get to Beaver Creek in time for the meet?)

i'm staying up in Vail on Thurs and Friday and then gonna figure out where to ride on Saturday on the day off, then head back to Denver Sat. evening to hang out. Will be taking Sunday off and then re-joining LGC2 on Monday for Breck.
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Quote: "i'm staying up in Vail on Thurs and Friday and then gonna figure out where to ride "on Saturday on the day off", then head back to Denver Sat. evening to hang out. Will be taking Sunday off and then re-joining LGC2 on Monday for Breck."

Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong, but Saturday the 7th is a Vail day and Sunday is the off day for LGC 3. Lew
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yeah, you're right. i just didn't want to ride Vail back-to-back, so it's MY day off!

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Anyone going to beaver creek from Frisco with space in their car? Please post, I'd love to catch a ride.
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Princess, are you going to both Beaver Creek on Thursday and Vail on Friday?

If someone can give bklyntrayc a lift on Friday, great. If not, I'll put the box on and pick her up (since my other car-mate for the day is a friend of hers).
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I have go be back as soon as we finish skiing on Friday. I'm working at Copper on Saturday. Trayc, I have room if you want to go with us. Let me know I'm planning to be at the Frisco Park and ride behind Safeway.

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