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Help...best boots for advanced intermediate

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Would appreciate your opinions on the best boot for an advanced intermediate, skiing 70% blue piste and 30% black off-piste. Not a super aggressive skiier, and find myself cruising more especially now that I got my 6 year old skiing. I have narrowed my search down to four boots that all seemed equally comfortable.

1) Salomon XWave 6
2) Salomon XWave 8
3) Lange Fluid 90
4) Tecnica Vento 6

Have to move quicly since end of season inventory is tight. Feedback appreciated Thanks.
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That's an easy answer. The one that fits best, with a flex that allowss you to adequately flex the boot based on your size and ability level. If you find 2 that meet that criteria, buy the one that gets you the best deal.

2 additional points:

a) most boots manufacturer's shells are shaped differently to fit different shaped feet, so it's uncommon to have that many different boots fit perfectly, if they are fit properly.

B) they're as tight in the shop as they will ever be. If they're comfy there, they will likely be too big a short time down the road.

Good luck with the search!
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I ran around town all day trying on boots, and four listed above all fit well and made the cut. Salomon XWave 6 and 8 felt like the snuggest fit in the heel. Thinking about the XWave 6 only because cost is $230 and the XWave 8 is $105 more. Both feel good and snug. So is there any reason as an advance intermediate I should be concerned that the XWave 6 is not enough boot for me? I don't want to spend another $105 to move up to the XWave 8 if I don't need it.

One more thing...boot fitter selling Tecnica was pushing going in a smaller boot than other boot fitters recommended..so small to the point my toes were not brushing the liner, but jammed against. I know your toes are supposed to touch the front of boot, but is it correct to assume they shouldn't be smashed to the point of uncomfortable?

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1) wave 6 vs 8. = nicer liiner, bit stiffer, same shape, See if the liner feels nicer and if so go for the 8.

2) fit, when you have had the boot on for 5-10 minutes, and you flex forward, your toes should JUST feel like they are coming off the front of the shell. (and really just check the shell fit, 1cm is all you need) If you are not sure, go smaller, you can always make the boots bigger, later, but you can't shrink them...... (what coach said)
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Your toes should not smash into the liner/toe box.

Overall tight snug fit with no (read "0"), heel lift or slip.

Check the position of the buckles. If you had to crack them down to the last notches to get a tight fit, they will be too loose when the liner starts to compress (pack out), over time. And, no the micro adjusters will take up some slack but are more for daily adjustment, not major change. I usually turn the screws on the micros after a few runs.

Wear light socks when you buy .... a slightly heavier sock can be used a few years down the road when the liner does get a bit "roomy".
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Best boot is the one your bootfitter recommends.

...and I want to avoid casting aspersions, so I'll make it personal: I'm glad I have a bootfitter who doesn't sell boots.

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