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Hello my name is matt and I'm 15 years old. I recently moved to ontario from calgary so I'm quite disapointed with the sking here: . For march break I went skiing in le massif in quebec. Anyways the point of the is thread is to help find me a old ski. What I konw is the ski is a Volki and has wizard graphics. I think it was around 2003-2004 when it came out. My budget is a max if 300$. If anybody can help me find it on ebay or other auction it would be greatly appreacated.
BTW have you seen the new rossi with the snazzy wood top. If Ihad 1k lying around I would pick the up to.:
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There's a pair of 180 Wizard Explosivs (the ski you're talking about) on Ebay right now for $250.
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Would you provide a link because I can't find it.
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Damn cool looking ski, I agree, but are you sure thats good criteria for buying it?
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Explosive is a fantastic ski. Has quite a following so good luck in your quest to pick up a pair.
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