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Is there a resort anywhere, which has management that isn't a bunch of boneheads?! (If there is such a place, please let me know!)

This questions stems from many years of skiing at PCMR ( : ) and other resorts here in Utah. I have found that wherever I go, the locals always seem to feel that their mountains' management team makes tons of questionable decisions as well.

Someplace there has to be a resort that doesn't pretend to have: more snow than they really get, more vertical than anyone else can measure, skiable terrain that is actually skiable (in PCMR's case I love how 800 acres of their skiable terrain, almost 1/4 of their total, is in Pinecone - an area that has been open only 4 days this whole ski season)a ticket price that isn't market inflated, etc.!

Anyway, let me know of your local resorts' stupid management ideas so I don't feel so all alone. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Loveland and A-Basin come to mind but I am sure they make descisions that are going to be questioned by some one.
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Skiing is a business. It gets run like other businesses. And of course running a place like PCMR or Vail is completely different than running somewhere like Alta or A Basin. But decisions need to be made to help the company and sometimes that's at the expense of pissing off a guest.

In general it seems like Colorado resorts are a lot different than Utah. Skiing in CO has gotten ridiculously cheap. Season passes range from $200 - $300 for Keystone, Breck, Copper, or A Basin. As far as terrain goes, what's reported open is usually quite accurate. Snow reports can vary, sometimes it seems hard to believe what's reported - then again, I think everyone expects that.

Now as far as ski areas go, I really like Loveland. It's not pretentious, it doesn't pretend to be anything it's not, and I love the terrain.
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Winter Park is taking on a new partner...or would that be the City of Denver is taking on a partner to help run/finance WP??

Dear god, PLEASE don't let the MBA's in their offices decide the cheap season passes are not good for business!!!

I'd get very very upset.
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Not all MBA'ers are desk jockeys, some of us ski. Maybe I should have a career change and get into ski management?
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Our local little hill is run extremely well and management pours a ton of money back in every year. They also make a ton of money every year. The season is very predictable and so are the services.
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Well MRG for one. A co-op of skiers who vote on management of the mountain. Not run to make a profit run for enjoyment of the owners.
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Having worked for PCMR and now working at another ski area I can say it has been my experience that every 1st year lift op and wannabe local will tell you just how things should be run. Reality is a different story. Not defending PCMR here, but 800 acres is still 800 acres wether its open 1 day or 100.
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It is like any company in any industry, the employees always think they know better than management. And in many cases they do, but they aren't working in the office that makes the decisions and takes the risks and has their arse on the line when things go tits up.

At the end of the day you can never please everyone, and in many ski areas around the world, it is the tourist dollar that keeps the ball rolling, not the locals, so naturally decisions will tend to cater for that group.
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there's management, and then there's micro management. When both the employees and guests are unhappy, you can't have some idiot sitting on their throne saying "i'm the boss, that's why".

If everyone in everyone in every industry did an all out campaign against micro management, this country would be a better place!

I've recently learned that being "vocal" about that sort of situation can be effective.
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I know of one.. But first a little about my home mountain : .. err.. hill.

[rant] Well it's a "provincial park" which means it is owned and run by the government. That is the biggest problem here, every single guy that works at our hill is a seasonal worker, that has never put a pair of skis on in their life. The hill never makes any money, and the government never puts any money into it.

Although the hill only has a 234ft vertical, it would have some potential to be a really great learning center for our island's eager young skiers, if the management ran it correctly.

Some irrational decisions made in the last ten years include the installation of a million dollar Poma quad chair, that happens to be the most comfortable chair I was ever on. The chair only has 5 freaking poles! The money could have been better spent on the hill expansion project that they also goofed up. 50 ft was added to the top of the hill, but the design was terrible, and created a huge flat spot on the hill, because all of the dirt was placed about two hundred feet back of the main pitch.. I'm sure to most of you this sounds ridiculous, because you would never even think about having to "add" on to your home ski area.. But trust me this is for real. Myself and the other coaches of our ski team spend most of our time trying to think up a way to convince the government to re design a part of the hill so that we can have just one trail worthy of hosting a nationally sanctioned club level slalom race. So I guess the point of my post is that all though you may think your ski area is run poorly, you haven't seen anything like this.. Come to P.E.I and I'll personally give you a guided tour of our "mountain" : [/rant]

The hill I know of that has excellent management is another "smaller" ski area near Halifax Nova Scotia. It is called Martock. It has a 600 ft vertical and about a dozen trails. The management there is toatlly centered around the owner, a man who is a level 4 CSIA instructor, Level 3 CSCF Coach, and who has been skiing his entire life. He knows his stuff, and knows how to run a ski area. Not an easy job considering his hill is the closest to the most populated city in the Maritimes. He conrols and directs everyone from lift attendants to snow makers, ticket counter workers, and chefs. His hill always makes money, and the snow there is always good (for the Maritimes of course). I think you'd be hard pressed to find a irrational decision this man has made reagarding his ski area. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Heh Powderhoundin, Was up on PEI last year playing golf - Crowbush Cove, Brudnell River, Green Gables, etc, fantastic!, a wonderful island. The Guinness at The Old Dublin Pub wasn't bad either. I remember seeing signs for your ski area. Isn't there a ski area up in Cape Breton? Looks like they could have some pretty good vertical.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Keoki:
Heh Powderhoundin, Was up on PEI last year playing golf - Crowbush Cove, Brudnell River, Green Gables, etc, fantastic!, a wonderful island. The Guinness at The Old Dublin Pub wasn't bad either. I remember seeing signs for your ski area. Isn't there a ski area up in Cape Breton? Looks like they could have some pretty good vertical.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

P.E.I is a great spot to visit in the summertime.. I guess when you grow up here your whole life, and don't play that much you take it for granted. The Old Dubblin is a great bar, you should have gone across the street to the Micro Brewery "The Gahan House" they have the best beer on the Island by far.. P.E.I is a fantastic place to live, there just isn't that much adventure to be had, especially for a skier.

There is a hill in Cape Breton called Ben Eoin, it's small too, about 450 ft. There used to be a hill called Cape Smokey, which was the largest in the Maritimes, it has been shut down for a few years though.

There are some decent hills in Northern New Brunswick, and on the Gaspe *****ula, just inside Quebec..

I'm glad to here you enjoyed your visit to the Maritimes!!

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