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Originally Posted by traderfjp View Post
My problem is that I hurt my foot about 3 years ago and need a boot that doesn't pinch or contort my foot on entry and exit of the boot.
Sorry for the rude posts, but until you specified that you had a medical problem your posts did read like classic trolls ( I ski black, double black - I want a boot that I can get into like a slipper ).

As for boot recommendations, you may want to look into an AT boot such as the afore-mentioned Scarpa Tornado. When switched to "walk" mode, they're as easy to get in as the old Salomon rear-entries. The Tornado is (to my knowledge) the only AT boot with a DIN sole, which you will need for alpine binders. Scarpas are typically pretty high-volume boots. Other than that, there's the old early 90's Salomon rear entries that Philpug recommended (they were good boots). There's just not a whole lot out there that isn't geared solely for the novice/beginner crowd.
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I find Kryptons with the 3 buckle design to be very easy on and off and they have models with intuition liners.
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Many of the "soft" boots on the market were even harder to get on and off than 4 buckle boots- the Nordica Smartech, Rossi Soft, and Dalbello DC immediately come to mind. Because the tongue could not be pulled as far forward as on a traditional boot, anyone with an instep of average size or larger has a hell of a time even getting their foot into the boot. Then add into it the fact that very little fitting can be done on some of the models and it makes them essentially worthless.

I'd agree with Phil that if you absolutely can't muster the strength or dexterity to get in and out of 4 buckle boots, go for rear entry rather than soft but for a different reason- the performance is gonna blow either way.
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Thanks Jer I'll look into the boots you suggested. I really don't see the benefits of soft boots. I do see the benefits of an entry and exit system that allows someone like me with an injury to get into and out of easily. I use to have Technica Icons. They were very stiff and for performance they were great. Getting my feet in and out was a chore and often would re-injure my foot. I don't even have a problem with the 4 buckle system. The other problem I have is pain at the ball of my feet right behind my toes. I have flat feet but have tried expensive footbeds with even more pain. I need a way to take the weight off the balls of my feet but with a soft footbed. Thanks.
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five gold medals for comfort & performance

hey trader,

fischer mx 9 boots(which i ski) were awarded 5 gold medals for comfort and performance. from day one they are comfy, like a pair of nikes, warm like toast. futhermore, the soma design(also awarded medals) will make you more stable on the skis. hate getting tossed forward by snow from a wet snow gun? with soma boots you won't even feel it because of the better balance and stronger stance. gone forever. also gone will be the feeling of weak control of your ski tips. lycra slider in boot liner make entry/exit a glide.
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woo woo kid: Sounds great I'll give them a look see. Can you get your foot in and out with out bending your feet? This is important for me. Thanks
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Originally Posted by bud heishman View Post
Get a higher performance boot and put "intuition" liners in them and they will be comfy, warm, and easy on/off!

I'd agree. To take it one step further think about Full-Tilt Flexon (the original Flexon come back to life) or Dalbello Krypton.

I'm familiar with the Full-Tilt version. It is basically the original Flexon (produced by Raichle and later Kneissl) that I skied in for years. Although designed for a fairly narrow foot they are very easy to modify by a competent bootfitter to accommodate a wider foot or higher instep etc. I'm guessing the Krypton would be similar.

You said that you ski a lot of moguls as well as steeper slopes. The Full-Tilt Flexon started out as a racing boot that popular among racers skiing DH. Even after Kneissl stopped production several years ago, top mogul skiers including the Winter Olympic Gold medalist continued to ski in them as did many top freeride skiers though they received no sponsor dollars for doing so.

When Kneissl stopped production, I decided to try a four buckle boot again (pre-Raichle my boots were four buckle Langes) and went with the Fischer MX-Pro and then to the Fischer RC4 Race (somewhat narrower at mid-foot than the MX-Pro). The Fischer boots are top quality boots. However, for ease of entry I don't think you can beat the Flexon style "cabriolet" three piece design which comes comes with an intuition liner unless it might be the Nordica the Gransport 12 which is basically a new approach to the rear entry boot. Beyond that I don't know anything about the performance characteristics of the Nordica boot.

Personally, I'd stay away from old rear entry boots especially for aggressive skiing because plastic shells become brittle with age and can crack at inopportune moments. A few seasons ago I witnessed a pair of old Scott rear entry's that split in two across the instep down to the sole on both sides of the boot. The skier wasn't injured but things could have turned out differently.:

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide.
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