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Jay Peak Glades

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Jay Peak - Newbie. Well, sort of... I have not skied there since my days at UVM.

I'm heading there on sunday and am looking for some great tree skiing. I'm expert skiier and am looking for powder, steep, open tree lines... maybe even throw in a cliff of two to huck off.

I'm not really asking you to give up you secret stash (unless you want to). Just point me in the right direction to get the goods and I'll explore on my own.

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Timbuktu, Corona and the Dip will all treat you well. Timbuktu's all the way to the left off the Jet, and the other two are just a little bit further out. Make sure you know where you're going on Corona & the Dip or you could have a fun hike out.
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I was there last weekend and Staircase and Everglade were my favorite. Steep and tight, very excellent.

Timbuktu is very sweet as well. Nice and long

There was one other spot, on the left hand side somewhere accessible from the Bonaventure quad, that was marked "this is not a trail." It was exceptionally steep, not very long, and tons of fun. It might have been the woods above the Canyon Land glades, but I really can't remember. I'll let you know if one of my buddies dues
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