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TECNICA ICON Sole Length vs Mondo-Point?

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TECNICA ICON Sole Length versus Mondo-Point question

I have Tecnica Icon Carbons of 2000-2001 vintage, Size 27 MondoPoint. The sole length is 312mm.
For those of you that ‘know’ your boot size; My question is; What is the sole length of a Tecnica Icon 26 Mondopoint; and is it different with a XT, Carbon, X, XR, or,, the later Alum, and Alum Comp? —Sole length is exhibited at the heal of the sole, outboard.

And / Or other sizes and sole lengths, even of other brand if you’d care to throw in here. And any thoughts you’d care to sharer on my direction._________

With a thin ski sock on, I am an easy 2 cm on the left foot and 2-1/2 cm on the right; standing in my 27mp; I put the foot beds (insta print) in to get my toes off that early bottom nose radius to give a clearer representation of actual. I am giving up on the injected foam inner boots and figuring on ZipFits. Seems I would be wise to look for a used shell.

A-B feet at, 96mm L, 92mm R seated, —99mm L, 97mm R Standing full weight; separately.
Lengths at, 26.1cm/Left, / 26.6 Right seated // 26.5 L / 27.3 R; standing.
A mid bump (1st shaft/ main shaft interface) at the top of and rotating inboard, on one of my medium to medium high insteps;.—I Like Tecnicas instep height, Lange (in 1997) is too tight.

¿I think standing?, I used Salomons length gage, which said 26.5...
Brannock= L ~9.9, ‘B width;, R ~10.35, ‘A width

I have very little dorseflection on the left, due to a couple of decades old injury, maybe as much as 6/10ths of an inch standing, seems none sitting, therefore feel I must stay away from the newer Tecnica’s. And to gather reasonably accurate (non-subjective would be a dream come true) Zeppa, Fwd Lean, Instep Ht, Width, etceteras, on the various brands, doesn’t seem a good probability. And I don’t live in ski country, so try ons are tough.

I liked the performance of my Tecnica’s especially after I softened them to sub-X, Though I believe still firmer than the XR’s I tried years ago; in-between. I’m 5’10” 150#s, skinny calves also.

Your numbers and any comments would be appreciated, Thanks.
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ICON CARBON one stiff boot I think the 26.0 and 26.5 is a 304,27.0 and 27.5 are 312 I had the 312 icon carbon and got this years magma in in the 26.5/304 shell and really like them nice flex and with some punch out at the 6 toe and big toe and my otho's they fit real nice,took some time but ok now .You might try those in the 26.5 I got the hot form version
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The Icon carbon 25.5 is a 296 sole length. I think from memory the 25.5 XT is very slightly shorter at 294. The 24.5 XT is 285 sole length.

there is however a significant difference in the fit of the XT and the Icon carbon. The XT is a narrower last similar to teh previous TNTs whereas with the Icon series Tecnica seemed to start going wider.
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I have both the Icon Carbon and the XT in 28.5. The Icon Carbon is 321mm and the XT is 320mm. Not a huge difference but required a forward pressure adjustment.
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XT in a 27/27.5 is 311mm.
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I have a pair of Icon TNT XR in 27.5 and they are 312mm. Most of the Icons in 26 or 26.5 on Ebay are listing at 303mm like this pair:

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