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Tale of a born again skier

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I was a devout skier back in the seventy's and eighty's, but somehow I lost my way and was led astray by other interests and priorities. Deep down, I knew I was missing the pure joy of gliding down the sacred slopes. I wanted to come back to the flock many times, but I felt I was condemned to never ski again because of excess weight and fragile bones that come with age. Then I saw the light. I began exercising, eating right, and strength training. Alas, I droped weight and got back to better shape than I've been in for many years. I then found the courage to go to the slopes, rent some equipment and ride the chair lift to the heavens. I fell a few times and was surprised these 60 year old bones did not break. The greatest gift though, was that the spark, the thrill, the excitement was just as great or greater than ever. Hallelujah, I am a born again skier.
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Welcome home
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Now you just need some Twin Tips and get you into The Park and Pipe.
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You can take the skier away from the mountain but you can never get the mountain out of the skier - glad to hear you have had a rewarding return to the mountain high.
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Ah the return of the Prodigal Son --- Welcome back BRO from another 60+ ski whack job !
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Welcome to Epic!!!! Guaranteed to keep ya thinking skiing all year long. I noticed you jumped in fully committed by being a sponsor...good on ya!!!! There is a large contingent of semi-seniors here(myself included). Go ahead and get that handicap license plate then you can park right up front by the lifts!!!!! Discount tics also!!! Who said getting older sucks!
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jagage like yourself, I had skied in my distant past, but stopped for who knows what reasons.....thanks to this very informative site (the internet changes everything, including sex: epistemological revolution) and lots of beer, I am enjoying the slopes again.......
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get on some nice 80mm wide mid fats and you will be loving life. Remember, side to side now, not up and down.
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What else is there to do Nov- April!
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My story's similar, though I'm a semi-senior - not quite old enough yet for those senior discount tickets, dang it. Get to use hubby's handicap parking permit, though. With the hubby, of course. I am old enough that I make sure I take my calcium, and I have to work harder on getting into some kind of skiing condition. Now that I'm back after a 25 year skiing drought I plan to keep on going as long as possible.

Oh, and the new equipment is great, IMO, and ski clothing is warmer. Or maybe it's just menopause .
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Say hallelujah brother and welcome back into the fold! Take a good look around at lunch time on a weekday, there's a lot of greying hair evident.
MGM is 100% right about equipment, who would have thought boots don't need to be painfull?!?
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I see switch rodeos in your future.
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Thanks for the words of advice and welcome. - OK VINN, I hope I don't sound too stupid, What is a switch rodeo? - 1974JIM, your right. I ski on a weekday and I was surprised to see so many senior skiers. It was encouraging to know I'm not the only old fart out there. I hooked up with a couple of them one day and had the most fun of my short season this year. Learned a lot from them too.
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It's that newfangled thing the kids are doing...

Here's Tanner Hall (the newfangledest of the the kids) pulling a 720 switch rodeo:

And if you get this down, let me know...
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