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I am getting a better feel of using my edges and working towards a clean carve.

My problem seems to be that I do not use my poles properly and I do not make enough turns. I would like to increase the amount of turns I make rather than the long ( kind of like an ice skating feel ) turns.

Any drills that you guys would recommend.

I am taking lessons every other trip for 1 hour that is private, but looking for some info from everyone here.

Lessons are great and have helped but sometimes the way that some of the instructors here word things it kind of like a lightbulb going off and somehow it all makes sense.

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I'm a believer in Harald Harb's Primary Movements Teaching System for carving and all other skiing. It has worked very well for me.

Here are his online lessons:

I also recommend his books and DVDs, or better yet, one of his ski camps.

Ken Shelton
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If you would like to make (short) carved turns, avoid rotation of your feet, hips or upper body. Just put pressure on your outside ski (move your hips down and to the inside of the turn). The ski will bend and make a turn. Release pressure and the skis will move under your body to the other side. Then repeat the movement on the new outside ski.

Try this for some time and try to "listen" to your skis. What movement has what effect?

If you are getting the hang of it, you might want to try create a dynamic rhythm. By moving down on your ski, you build up pressure untill it is at its maximum, then you need to release the pressure to give your skis the opportunity to move under your body to the other side. Don't hold the pressure too long or the energy of the ski will float away.
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I'm no expert, but it was kind of a revelation to me to keep my upper body as upright as possible and roll my hips left or right to get the skis on edge.

As soon as you start bringing your hips over to your left, your skis will start carving left.
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The radius of a carved turn is entirely dependent on how much the ski is flexed. Basically, the more you bend the ski, the faster it will turn. So put some effort into it and use your weight. Bend that sucker!
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Duchman and jonnythan, good advise. I myself base all my skiing and teaching on keping and putting the hips in the right place. As you guys so well pointed out skis turn due to tipping and tipping starts by moving your hipps in desired direction as a result of leg flexion or extention and upper body counterbalancing/angulation. One great way to practise carving by using our hips for tipping is skiing on a very flat slope in tucked DH position and moving our hips from side to side. Its also described in HH new book. If you dont have it get it now because it is 202 pages of great carving instruction for all levels.
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