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Blue Mountain this weekend?

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So, down here in DE we're getting pounded by rain. Rumor has it (okay, the weather channel's the source of the rumor, but don't discredit it just because of that), that Blue should be seeing 10-12 inches.

Anyone else heading up? There's a Cardboard box derby with teams of up to 4... surely some bears can win that one. I've set my warehouse on getting a real bonzer of a box and I'm going to Rain-Ex the bottom, so we should be able to get some real speed out of it.

Anyone in?
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I am heading north to Whiteface.

Where in DE are you? I have a house by Bethany Beach
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I live in Dover, so I'm not too far away. I'm trying to get down to the beaches more often this summer as I try to learn to Kiteboard. Maybe we'll have to grab a beer and lament the loss of snow this summer.

I've never been up to Whiteface, the biggest vert in the east right? How's it compare with K-ton or stowe?

You should have some good snow this weekend, so enjoy.
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