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The Air Carve Project

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I wanted to get this out to my friends at Epic. I have been putting this together for my students and readers. I put this brief "video lesson" The Air Carve Project out for those receiving the MySnowPro Monthly Report.

I hope you find it helpful.

The Air Carve Project

to everyone's sliding success,
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Air Carve

Hi Jon!

I used your Air Carve technique a few days ago! It was unfortunatly on some really crappy bumps at our area. They were pointy and too close. I actually used it way too much on the run I had, because I couldn't find a good line anywhere. I was skiing with a really sore foot too, which definatly didn't help matters! I could, however, see where this would work really well at keeping your rythm, as well as keeping you in control.

Our season is officially done now, so I'll give it another try next season.

Thanks Jon! Keep the GREAT tips coming!!!

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I have been waiting for my JVC camcorder to be repaired. I have some other lesson topics I want to put together. I will putting these together for those on the monthly report.
Some concepts I will be playing with include:
Apex to Apex skiing
Bump line options
Mogul technique and variations
Mixing and matching the skills

The Air Carve incorporates all of these, perhaps that is why I like it so much. It is a fun option to have in your bag. Visualize it this summer and put it into your skiing next year.

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Hi Jon!

I want to take my Level III next season, so any help I can get on my mogul technique is greatly appreciated!!!


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This is a fun "old school" technique. You can throw a little tip-cross in the middle of it too for style.
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Very nicely done
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Nice video Jon, thanks for putting that together. I look forward to trying this technique next time I hit the bumps. I inadvertently catch air sometimes in bumps, and have not thought about doing it on purpose and structuring a turn around it. This definitely looks like a nice way to handle irregular or tricky bumps. Those long skinny canoe bumps pose a challenge to me. Thanks again!
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Jon you can tell you love of the sport by watching your talk...well and watching the amazing skiing. I love having this tactic in my bag of tricks and to anyone who skis fat skis this tactic is invaluable.
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