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I definitely like the idea of incorporating somehow "comfort" and "performance".

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Bud, I will let you have the title of a forum we had on ski boots a few years ago: Ski Balance.

Balance encompasses both comfort and performance, and SKI is what for. Keep it simple, sweetie.
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Boot Nirvana
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...that or:

Boot Bliss
Boot Utopia
Bud's Blissful Boots :

from Nolo's (& ssh) offer:

Ski Balanced
Boot Balance
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Bud, I immediately thought of you when I saw today's Sunday comics.... though I hope your quest is ultimately more successful!

"But seriously, folks"... thinking as a potential customer... I agree with others who have nudged you away from "Bud's Boots." On at least two points: this could mistakenly be seen as "just another boot shop," and it may be *TOO* down-home and folksy, for those who don't know you (and presumably you want to pull in more than just friends).

You may never be looking to branch out, sell franchises, become the next IBM or Microsoft (ok, poor examples...), but personalizing too much now may unwittingly restrict later expansion? Of course, you can always have another contest at that point, but then you lose the brand recognition we all hope you build! :
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How about

Bud's Performance Zone
Get your feet in the zone, the performance zone by Bud
Feel Good Bootfitters
Feel good, ski better!

Comformance Zone
Comfort & Performance like never before!

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point well taken, thanks.


I think I am very close to a winning design and a name! I will share it with you as soon as it is finalized! I would like to test market the name and design with all of you who have offered suggestions. Stay turned...

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"Bud's Boots fit me like a glove"--O.J. Simpson
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
"Bud's Boots fit me like a glove"--O.J. Simpson
Celebrity endorsement no good without a picture.....

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Originally Posted by bud heishman View Post
I definitely like the idea of incorporating somehow "comfort" and "performance".

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Comfort and Performance are NOT mutually exclusive
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I didn't know how to make the picture bigger, but the idea is a balance scale. "COMFORT" on one side and "PERFORMANCE" on the other. Underneath or above "IN BALANCE". Maybe a boot on each side with the words on the boots. ---- Just another idea. Its a fun thread to read. Good Luck Bud!
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Stumbled on to this while searching for something else, and thought it was an interesting read considering the amazing adventure Bud has been on since this thread was started.

Bud's web site was extremely informative to me prior to going to my local boot fitter.
Thanks Bud, you're tops!

SYNERGY: The interaction or cooperation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate efforts. Learn more at:
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"Call the Boot Doc"
-a broken beyond repair ski boot, sheet pulled up covering a portion, light beaming down on it from over head, Boot Doctor looking down

"Will I ever ski again?"

Phone number: (Boot Doc)


Boot Doc
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The above design was done with the professional help of "snowman". I am very grateful to him for his help and the fine logo we came up with.

Hope y'all like it too!
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Bud, its perfect. I only wish I lived closer to you so I could get the full treatment.
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