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That's good advice Crud and Utah 49...and I totally agree with you if this guy can afford it (like the big shops can). BUT- if he's doing everything he can to open up this shop, and it sounds like a relatively small one at that- chances are he's not exactly swimming in money. Therefore, it sounds like his rationale is to save some cash in order to get a well-designed (not professional) logo. Nothing wrong with that- its his choice.
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There are certainly good reasons why one should choose a profession design firm, but I've seen a good number of designs and programs from professional firms that really were overused, trite, and unoriginal. Not saying that is always the case, but it can and does happen. Of course a great deal of the fault in selecting poor designs falls squarely on the shoulders of those execs who chose them too.

"PFM Boots"

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"Ski Boot Specialists"

The logo uses the two "S" to make the classic shuss, with the B overtop, shaped like a boot. Put wings on the boot. Make it leap from the schuss.

Where else do you get your boots except from ski boot specialists?
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Bud's Discount Boot Barn and Fitting Emporium
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I can tell you that Surefoot started on a shoe string budget and grow into the largest retailer of ski boots in the country. A lot of that has to do with the image they project. That Image was created in part by good solid graphics and a related ad campaign. It's called "Branding" You want people to think of you first when they think of ski boots and fitting.
The companies that do this sort of work, have sources to check to see if the name and logo is already in use. Nothing worse then being in bussiness under a name and getting a letter from an attorney telling you, you have to stop using that name and or that logo because of copy right infringement. as I said someone might be willing to work out a deal with some trade and some cash. It might not cost all that much and in the long run be a great investment.
I can tell you several stories of small businesses that did a name change and or went to a new image then skyrocketed into multi million dollar businesses.
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Just an observation... Surefoot's logo is VERY plain, and has nothing to do with boots. Their initial success had more to do with their plan/marketing/branding than with that logo.
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I have taken some advice from these pages and am working with "The Snowman" who is a professional designer. He has graciously agreed to help me with a design thought I am still undecided yet for a name?

Something with "Performance" keeps coming to the top.

Any other ideas for a name??????

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Kinetics for
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Supplied and

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The connotation of something like 'Performance Slipper' or 'Responsive Slipper' : definitely suggests comfort (primary concern for many??) which is what you are also selling, coupled with of course, performance. Whatever you decide, between the name and logo, these seem as obvious points to make.

The Performance Fit

The Responsive Fit

Perfect Fit
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...but seriously:

Bud's Performance Bootfitting
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You'd expect no less from me, I know, but I'd like to see you focus on balance, not the boot, performance, or "fit" part of the equation.

Boot Balance
Balanced Performance
Bud's Boot Balancing
Balanced Skiing
Skiing Balanced

I like the first logo suggestion as a starting point, but would add protractors or other alignment tools to the mix to make it more clear.

Just some thoughts.

BTW, having worked extensively with folks who design logos (among other graphics designs), I will disagree with some of the folks who have posted here. Some of the designers are really good and have a clue about market forces and buyer attraction. However, many (perhaps even most) are much more concerned about artistic expression and winning awards than they are with whether or not their designs actually draw customers. They also think logos (and brand!) are far more important than they actually are. The product's uniqueness is the key to attracting customers.
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Fox, I can see the embroidered sweatshirts and caps now!

Edge control and
Ramp angle for
Kinestetic optimization


Hey this creative stuff is fun!

Seriously though, thanks for the laugh!

My original Synergy Camp logo used a mountain with a protractor, a square, and a compass in the foreground. It looked good but I can not find it anywhere. I like that look but it may be a little too busy for a easily recognizable logo? I like BBB Bud's Boot Balancing, but this seems a little limiting.

A logo that expressed "balance" may be good??? My shop's logo is a Yinyang symbol, so maybe I could continue to use that and just incorporate the new moniker?

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Your Boot Bud or Your Boot Buddy

Performance Fit 4 U

Fit 4 Performance Skiing

Performance Fit Buddy

Are a few plays that I can think of as suggestions....
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Something with "Performance" keeps coming to the top.
I said it way back in the thread, you either didn't like it or missed it.

"PFM".............."Performance Fit Mechanics" would work, of course to many, PFM means something else but it also fits and that was the reason for using it.

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What is the other meaning? Don't want any negative conotations.

Performance Boots
Performance Boot Lab
Performance Boot Outfitters
Performance Boot Fitters
Boot Performance Lab
Performance Ski Boots
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Performance Boots
Performance Boot Lab
Performance Boot Outfitters
Performance Boot Fitters
Boot Performance Lab
Performance Ski Boots
All equal, all lacking originality & creativity, put them on a dart board, close your eyes and throw.

Are you targeting just the smaller percentage of performance minded skiers who would seek you out anyway or interested in attracting (and not intimidating) more of the higher percentage of skiers who have other priorities? If the former, the name doesn't matter as much as your rep as the work will come through referrals, I'd bet. Will that be enough to support your kids and send them to college?
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Good points Alpinord, what would be inviting to the average joe yet attract the more elite skiers too? I am all for the whole spectrum but something like "Comfy Feet" seems too squishy, generic.

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Originally Posted by bud heishman View Post
What is the other meaning? Don't want any negative conotations.

Performance Boots
Performance Boot Lab
Performance Boot Outfitters
Performance Boot Fitters
Boot Performance Lab
Performance Ski Boots
Performance to some means High End or even "possibly out of my league"

There is a market out there that would want boot fitting services not just for the increased performance, but more for the increased comfort. If with the comfort comes an improvement with their skiing that is a bonus that they may not have thought about or cared about.

I do not like the Outfitters tag- it again reminds me a the canoe/kayak/boat or trip outfitters that do grunt work or rent gear. I'd look less on the performance and equally on the fit, comfort, and also performance for those that know what a good fitting boot can offer them if you want to expand the market (assuming all the high end skiers in the area that want custom boot fitting use you and will follow). The comfort part of it may expand your market. The name may contain none of these key words- a simple tag line or trade marked phrae or description that expands on the company name. If you are well known in the area, then the company name may have your first or full name included to play off that knowledge. If you are not known then the Bootfitting Guy could be a good enough name.

So McDonalds does not use the name McDonalds Fast Food Restaurant. They are McDonalds "You deserve a break today" tag line - this also can change easier that the name as market dynamics change, or take a look at a site like http://www.brighternaming.com/Power_slogans.html for info on successful logos, tag lines, and ideas etc. (yes they are trying to sell their naming and tag line service - I know nothing of them and am not recommending their services just a good googled site to think about the options.

So do not pigeon hole yourself into having a name that sounds like only pro skiers, racers or speed guys want to visit you (like a Performance car place- the average person probably will not go there for a part). If all you do is boots then that should be in the name somewhere in my opinion. If your name is well known, then you can play on that reputation and use it too (and would be crazy not to in most cases). Nothing worst than picking a new name and people asking every time what do you do. Now a good catchy name with the tag line could come close to answering that immediately.

Bud's Boots (or Boot Fitter) plain and simple used with aTag line something like: When comfort and performance matters. Or For a performance fit and where your comfort matters.
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The 'slippers' comment was to get that into the back your head. As a designer, I always have to get my clients to step back from their tunnel vision and emotional ties by throwing curve balls and knuckle balls at them versus their expected underhand, soft pitch. Sometimes they 'get it' and more often than not the just lean a little from their initial mindset.

I'd hate for you to have the 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' regrets later.

Define your goals and direction, your target market and brainstorm with an open mind and don't be afraid to throw in 'far fetched' or 'stupid' ideas into the ring.....that is the fun and part of the design process. Look at it from different angles and perspectives and flip it on it's ear.

Happy Feet :

Performance is great to imply either by slogan, logo or connotation, but I'll bet for more people, fixing 'Cruel Shoes' is before performance on their radar.
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What is the other meaning? Don't want any negative conotations.
PFM is the answer to the question "How'd you do that" or "How does that work" or any seemingly amazing display. As an answer it stands for Pure F@#$ing Magic.

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OK.....now you guys have me leaning toward just "Bud's Boots" with a tag line that elicits comfort and performance!

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For comfortable and high performance ski boots, check out

Bud's Boots

It's Pure F@#$ing Magic!

'Bud's Boots' is simple, personal and keeps your options open.
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Boot Bud's
They'll grow on you.
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I think you should use the existing logo as either a part or the entirety of your new brand. Tie them together. That's important.
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So do you want some additional tag lines ideas as this contest evolves? I assume that Bud's Boots is the name winner from the sounds of things. What does the winner get now that the logo design is being done professionally?
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Personally, I don't think Bud's Boots says enough, primarily because the general skiing public doesn't understand the importance of boots being properly fit to the entire body and not just the feet. Most people will see "Bud's Boots" as another shop selling boots.

Foundational Performance
Performance from the Ground Up
Starting Gate: Balance
Starting Right
Starting Well

I don't know what's best, but I do know that differentiation is going to be vital. This is a new thing, and having a typical name isn't going to be sufficient.
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Thank you guys for the amount of thought being put into this for me! I really appreciate it and am confident we will come up with an appropriate name and tag line. Again, thanks and keep it coming.

Steve you also make some good points, so maybe Bud's Boots leaves a bit to be desired? Let's keep thinking on it.

Rshea, YES! Let's keep brainstorming on both title, tag line, and logo.

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Bud, When you are ready for some signs I suggest you contact http://www.dollardesigns.net/about.php
The owner, Yan, is my boy since we were kids.. He will make sure you are satisfied.
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Bud, here is a logo if you are still thinking of the "Lab" name. It has the scientific motif. If you like it, I can hae someone photoshop it and clean it up, add color etc.

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