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create a logo contest!

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I am opening a new ski boot only shop at a local resort next year and need to come up with some new logo art for letterhead, signage, etc.. The shop name is tentatively going to be "Boot Lab" and I envision the logo being something that elicits an image of a boot laboratory or tools and boots, or something along those lines. Art work must be camera ready so I can have cards, signs, logo screens and embroidery done. It does not have to be too complicated or intricate and should look good with one or two color ink or embroidery.

If I choose and use your design I will build you new footbeds and align your boots or, if you live too far away to take advantage of this offer, I will take $300 off MAP pricing on a boot of your choice. We carry Atomic, Dalbello, Nordica, Salomon, Tecnica.

Thank you in advance for any help with this!
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Sounds like fun. Got the beginnings of ideas floating around in my head, will try to get to work on it. Congratulations on the new shop!
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Great idea and offer Bud. Best of luck with the venture.
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Boot lab, better than chocolate

You could have a picture of a Chocolate lab with ski boots on!

Sorry, that's as creative as I can get.
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Sounds fun! Do you have a time-line/deadline for submissions?
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"Deadlines... We don't need no schtinking deadlines!?"

Well, even if I can claim the non-prize for first submission, it is with full expectation that this won't be the last or best.

Seriously, Bud.... if you DO end up using any part of this, we should talk more so I don't inadvertently lead you into trouble. I slapped this together using modified Clip Art, and what I don't know is if Clip Art is open to subequent use for commercial purposes? But you get the idea.

Good luck with your logo quest, and with your new business.

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I like the font!

Deadline would be around September 30th!

I will even throw in a free "boot lab" T shirt or sweatshirt with the logo on it for the winner!

thanks for your help!!!!
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Alternative names

Boot Maestro

Boot Wizard

Performance Slipper


Cruel Shoes


Performance Slippers

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I was just informed the name "Boot Lab" has already been trademarked or used so a new name is forthcoming.... your suggestions too would be appreciated!

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How about Boot Tech or PlasTech (put the - over the e), or Swoosh Buckler, or KA Boot, or StarBoots (lawyers and coffee drinkers would like this one). Use Boot Lab, Boot Dr, Boot DNA or something as a tagline.
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alternative names

BOOT TECH was first thing that popped into my mind, but lowphat beat me to it.

BOOT WIZARD has a nice ring (per alpinord)... I'd shop there!

BOOTERRIFIC (...too cutesy?)

BOOTILICIOUS (...too Beyonce!)

BOOT HAUS (...too Bavarian?)

DAS BOOT (...already made into a movie)


BOOT FIT (... too descriptive?)

PERFORMANCE BOOT (...too Ferrari?)

BOOTS-R-US (...more tradmark issues)

to be continued, I am sure..............:
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Best Wishes for your new boot shop Bud! You've been a huge help to me this year!

A few ideas for names:

Boot Magic
Fit'em & Fix'em
Your Bootfitter (Everytime somebody recommends that you see your bootfitter, you get a free referral.

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Boot Doctor
Boot Medic
Boot Therapy
Boot Performance Center
Boot Chalet
Bud's Boots

Precision Boots
Pinnacle Boots
Summit Boots
Premeir Boots
Performance fit

"givin you the edge"
"Ski better now"
Ski your best

I like that Miser "fit'em and fix'em"
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Hey Bud- I love your enthusiasm but I have this to say;
I'm a worker in the graphic design field, though not a graphic designer per se. Those are the folks who design logos, stationary, ads, signage, and all that good stuff for a living. These professionals have degrees in design and work every day putting images, typefaces and words together to build identities for businesses from Coca -Cola to the petshop down the street. If you hire an amateur, and it's tempting, you get an amateur looking identity representing your no doubt very professional work. It's probably going to run you a few grand, but it's the face of your business and one you will want to show for a very long time. My advice is to find a good design shop in ski country and do a trade, it'll take more than a pair of footbeds, but you'll get a stoked pro to design your image to the world.
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While I agree with Mr. Crab that it always good to have a professional involved in designing logos and company names, I also think that Bud is on the right track by asking potential future customers for their input! We are the people who have actually been through the process of custom bootfitting and know how tedious, yet crucial this service is!

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Good luck Bud.
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Hey Bud,

I am friends with a guy in Boston who specializes in branding and logos. He's a good guy ... if you want contact info please PM me.

best of luck,
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Bud Heishman.

Boot Hero.

I think the "B.H." has a good ring. And a logo contest is fun, but Mr Crab has a point...
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Thanks Mr. Crab,

Though I understand your point of view I also think that I will know a good name and logo when I see it, whether it cost two thousand dollars or an amatuer came up with it. After all, the eye of the beholder is what is important. I know there are many talented artists or creative people out there who do not neccessarily do this for a living and I do not have deep pockets for a professional graphic designer. Now if I saw an idea from a pro that I really liked then I would be willing to negotiate a deal but I am not the type to pay someone for a promise to perform.

I am confident something will materialize between now and September to meet my needs!

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"Perfect Boot Science"

slogan: "The right boot, the best fit - Perfect "
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Slogan: "If your feet don't feel better you can give me a wedgie!"
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Bud's Boot Barn.
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Pick a mountain peak (non-ski area name) or geographic point of interest near you and call it '_______Peak Boot Lab.'

For instance 'Emerald Bay Boot Lab' (...if we don't make your feet feel better...")
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Any ideas for logo's ?????? I have some friends who are artist but I need to give them an idea of what I want. I would think it should have a boot in it but other than that I am open! remember it has to look good screened or embroidered.

I am liking "Performance Boots" or perhaps "Tahoe Boot Lab" ??

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I was thinking "Boot Alchemy" or "Boot Alchemist"


any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.
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Originally Posted by slider View Post
Bud's Boot Barn.
Bud's Discount Boot Barn and Fitting Emporium
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Tech and Finesse Bootfitting aka TaF Bootfitting
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How bout...

"Boot and Rally"
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I have to side with crud on this. You offer a profesional service one that has taken you some time and effort to learn. You expect to get paid for that service. Most of the people posting here would agree a good boot fitter is well worth every penny.
You said the right logo would be in the eye of the beholder. The truth is it is in the eye of the public that counts. a Great logo can make a bussiness. Just takea look at Surefoot. They have spent a lot of time and money creating an image. That image is part of what has made them the most successful bussiness in the ski industry for many years. Surefoot for the most part are not great boot fitters. But to many they are reconised as the place to go to get boots. Why? Becuse they project that image.
Find a graphic artist who's protfolio you like. Have a sit down and talk over what your bussiness modle is and what you see as your image. I also think you will find many artist that also ski. A Little cash some trading and you will have a great logo and image to present to the world.
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good advice Utah49!

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