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Holmenkol Speedstick2 Rotary Handle

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When my Red Creek rotary handle developed a vibration, I decided it was time for a new one. Since I use this tool quite frequently, I talked to a few tuning shops and was led to try the Holmenkol rotary handle. I ordered it as well as the shield that is sold separately. The handle retails for $71.50 and the shield is $64.50. This is obviously quite a bit more than the Red Creek which sells with the shield for $65-$80. (My local shopped sold me the handle and shield at a good discount.)
When they arrived, two questions were obvious: How can they sell the handle for so little? How can they sell the shield for so much?
The handle is machined aluminum with four bearings and a stainless steel shaft. The machine shop with whom I deal was amazed at the price and the quality.
On the other hand, the shield is 2 pieces of plastic held together with 2 screws to clamp around the handle. Not $65 worth of stuff.
In any case, compared to the Red Creek, this is a far superior product. The Red Creek is a molded plastic shield with a couple of needle bearings in the plastic handle to hold the shaft. Quality wise it really doesn't compare.
The one drawback to the Holmenkol is that it is designed for Holmenkol rotary brushes which are 120mm wide. Standard brushes are 100mm. I am having the machine shop make a spacer to allow me to use the 100mm brushes that I have.
If you are considering going with a rotary brush system, the Holmenkol would be the way to go. If price is an issue, go without the shield. In the four years that I've owned the Red Creek, there was not much accumulated in the shield.
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Are either one of those quick-connect handles?

FWIW, I cut off the shield on my roto brush because it got in the way off visibility, especially when sprayed with wax dust. What's the downside of not using the shield, especially if you where safety glasses?
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The Red Creek is a quick release handle - the shaft stays in the drill and you can swap brushes without removing it. The Holmenkol says it also is able to do this, but it does not appear to work this way. I am going to a tunin shop this weekend and I will ask them if I am missing something.
The Holmenkol is sold without the shield and one shop with whom I spoke said that they stock the handles, but not the shields so I don't think it is important.
As for my Red Creek handle, I took it apart and there is a needle bearing at the end of the shaft and apparently there was a bushing at the front of the shaft, but that is no longer there. I ordered a new bushing today.
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