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Ski History

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Kee- Tov gave us this link awhile ago. I thought some of our new members should see it.

Have fun!
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Great site, LM. I especially like the black & white photographs by Professor Kruckenhauser. And the History of Humor in Ski Cartooning is great too.


Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Great site Lisa marie

I love the Paintings and old Ski Posters.I hope to have a couple of My own ski painting done soon and with AC's and or Dchans help get them posted here.Ac should make a direct link to this site
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Love ski history. Love history, period! I'll check it out.
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Great site, Lisamarie, brings back some memories

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Something to read on those long winter week nights.

Thank you.
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Here is some more history stuff:
www.nesm.org New England Ski Museum has a great catalog of old videos. www.10thmtndivassoc.org and www.grunts.net/army/10thid.html both have stuff on the 10th Mountain Division.

Enjoy the reading and vidoes. It neat to see what/how people use to do it!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
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Thanks Kee Tov! A book I had recommended awhile ago was Alf Engen's For the Love of Skiing.
I'll have AC put up the Amazon link.
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Hi, LM. Cool link on ski history. Here's one I like.
ski history
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