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HEAD Edge series ski boots

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I need little help understanding what exactly all these crazy head edge boot numbers mean?

Are the Head Edge 8.0, 8.2, 8.7, 8.8 all the same type of boot just different years for an intermediate and advanced skiers?

and does the same goes for the 9.0, 9.6, 9.7, etc....for advanced skiers and higher

man is this nuts, thanks for any help.

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Level Nine Sports claims that the 9.0 is identical to the 9.7:


I have a pair in size 26.5 I'm returning to Level Nine tomorrow if you want them
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Thanks, I seen that web site. That is one of the only web sites that has anything about these boots.

Why are you returning them? Did you ski in them?
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Didn't ski in them, no.

It's kind of a long story. I bought them online without ever having tried them on because of the price. Then I was looking around at local stores and found some Salomon X-Wave 10 boots that fit me extremely well and were 50% off retail, but still much more expensive than the Head boots. I bought them on a Friday and skied with them on Sunday and they were great.

On Tuesday I got the Head boots in the mail and they just didn't fit me as well. I wore them around the house for about 20 minutes trying to force them to fit me better but it didn't work. I really wanted to like them because they were $200 cheaper than the Salomons and (most importantly) matched my skis. But, in the end, my heel moved around a bit inside the boot.. So, I'm sending them back.
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thanks for the infor.

any one else own these head edge boots?
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My wife has the 10L. It is a nice comfortable intermediate to advance boot.
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Originally Posted by fischermh View Post
My wife has the 10L. It is a nice comfortable intermediate to advance boot.
See I guess that is what is confusing for me.

The Head Edge 10 series claim to be an intermediate to advance boot and so doesn't the Edge 8. series and Edge 9. series so why spent $300+ for the 10. series when the 8. series are much cheaper. :

All these boots carry the same boot shell with the same Forefoot boot width: 104mm (C104) . The flex numbers are very close if not the same.

The only difference is the lining Heatfit or Super Heatfit, and I bet it's the same thing.

So what is the deal? ARGH! : :
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The 10 is stiffer and has a better liner than the 8.

Why don't you try them both on and see which fits you better?
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all are very big volume boots if the 104 is correct.

you better have a wide, high instep or they are going to be like boats on you.

I think the main difference in them is extra features (micro adjust buckles, better liner, cuff alinment secrews, bit stiffer flex etc) the fit should be the same thruout
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Speaking of Head Edge boots...

I just bought Monster i.M 77's. Fairly new skier but 6'5, 250 lbs. Fitted for boots at my local ski shop and I'm basically a 30.5 (Shoe size = 12.5, although I wear a 12). They only had one pair left (winter is over here for the most part) and I didn't like the brand I tried. Really want to stick with Head and matching my skis.

Decision is between a brand new S8 (last yr model) or a brand new Edge 9.7 (last yr model). I can get both for the exact same price. The site with the 9.7 is a tad more reputable but I think the S8 is a stiffer boot. Not to say that my skiing level warrents having some great boot but my weight/height could probably move almost anything.

What would you guys suggest between those two? (by the way, the price on both is very good!)
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size 30 is MUCH bigger then a 12 or 12.5 shoe.

buy online and you might save some money, but the bootfitting to make the boots fit later will cost you.
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See below. I wear a size 12 shoe. I tried on a size 29.5 boot and it wasn't uncomfortable, it was absolutely miserable. It curled my toe. A 30.5 was a little tight, but the right tight...meaning that it should fit perfectly after skiing some.

6'5", 250 lbs. Head S8 or Head Edge 9.7 (both last yr's models). Fairly new skiier but I think my size warrents a stiff boot. (?)

http://www.snowshack.com/skiboot-sizing.html (same chart as almost all sites, including my local ski shop where I was fitted this week)
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Shell fit the boot. My guess is that you should be in a 29 or maybe a 28. I ski Heads in a 26 and wear a 10 1/2 to 11 EE street shoe.
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stocks: great, buy what you want, but check the shell fit (like fischermh said) and see.

usually people have boots 1-2 sizes too big for them, then tighten the buckles too tight to make the shell fit them, If you just go smaller first the shell can stay in the shape that it should be (open buckles) and still hold your foot in place.....
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