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WI ski report- spring 07

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By: WIskier13
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It seems to me that most often when skiing in the US is brought up, Colorado is the only thing that comes up. It appears to be the only place to ski in the US. Not true!! There is east coast and midwest ski areas. Granted, they are not up to par with the Vail's or Jackson Hole's or Whistler's of the world, but they give people who don't live in "ski country" the chance to ski. This thread is a ski report correlated by a skier from the Midwest who has the info about the WI ski areas.
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where do you ski in Wi? Is everything still open? Is the UP to be covered in this thread?
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Has sturgeon spearing season started yet?
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I can only presume, the best is yet to come.
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sturgeon spearing was over awhile ago.
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Answer to question 1 by kmcginty: In WI, I ski ALOT at Alpine Valley in East Troy and a lilttle bit at Sunburst in Kewaskum, and a little bit at a few other places. Answer tto question 2: As of this posting (3-16-06) AV is still open but not for long, Sunburst closed on the 11th, and most other places are within a week or so of closing (unless it gets real cold real fast). Answer to question 3: I can if you want me to. I have only been up there once (at Indianhead-LOVED IT), so I guess I can accomodate that. Answer to Jer: Sturgeon spearing season has been over since February.
Suggestions for Skiing in WI: Head North.
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WI Ski Areas Open/Closed List
Alpine Valley: Open (don't miss out on the Terrain Park before all the snow melts!)
Sunburst: Closed
Granite Peak: Open
For a more complete list, email me by clicking here.
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Last time I was at Alpine Valley Stevie Ray Vaughn died. Not so good.
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Midwest huh?
I skied some awesome spring conditions today at Crystal Mountain, in Thompsonville Michigan.
Looks like they're staying open until April 8th.
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There ain't nothing wrong with Midwest skiing. Most of the WI areas are closed now, but it is still snowing in the UP (I wish I was there). Big Snow Country is all open and might be open for a little while more. If I am not mistaken, I think the most southernmost WI ski area that is still open is Nordic Mountain near Appleton. I might be wrong, but that is what I think.
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