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Best Runs - 06/07

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I know the season's not over just yet (I hope), but since it's mid - March and 70 degrees outside perhaps it's time for a retrospective.

Post up your most memorable runs of the 06/07 season (so far).
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good idea

Best experience - single run: 1/29 - Highland Bowl - Aspen Highlands: Hiked the Bowl for the first time with a few buddies on a bluebird day; took G-8 line down. For pics of 4 day Aspen trip go to: (Highland Bowl was day 2.)

Best skiing - whole day: 2/12 - Squaw: Monday after major dump (12-20") with nobody there. Skied onto KT22 most of the day & didn't share a chair all day. Upper mountain closed prior day; many good lines off Siberia/reverse traverse, etc.

Best spring day: 3/10 - Squaw: Bluebird, 55 degrees, t-shirts, slush bumps, Honda Ski Tour, The Wailers/George Clinton, the whole Sierra spring deal.
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This is easy, but requires the full story.

It snowed maybe 12 -15" on top of some other new at Mt. Baker overnight. Driving up from town by myself I was holding a self talk session about not getting all wound up about getting first tracks. I would find plenty of new stuff without going crazy trying to beat all the 20 somethings to the top of the hill. Just relax and enjoy what's there.

For those who have not been to Baker, one way to get to the hill is to ride a short beginnners chair (chair 7) and then ski down to the bottom of another lift for the good stuff, usually chair 6 for me. That's the way I chose.

I got in the crowd of a line for Chair 7 and I was maybe 150 people back from the front as we waited for the chair to open. Suddenly a guy from way up the line turns around and asks if there are any singles. I spoke up first and ended up on about chair 12 going up the hill. Sweet!

Skiing down from the top of 7 and headed for 6 I noticed that the other chairs were loading, but 6 was not and had a line of folks waiting for the patrol to clear the hill. Since it is my preferred hill I headed for chair 6 anyway. As I pulled up I swung into the singles line and there was nobody in it. I went to the head of the line.

Long story short: I ended up on the fourth chair up the hill and got all of Canuks Delux to myself, chest and face shots the whole way, not a track to be seen. This after I had talked myself into not trying to hustle the new snow. It makes for a great memory.

The rest of the day was great, but I've had a few that were better this year, You asked about the most memorable single run of the season, however. That was it for me.
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#3 - A non-descript BC run down the South Bowl of Wolverine sometime after the holidays. Not really steep or really deep (settled powder) but mine were the only tracks in the bowl and it was super-smoove big turns all the way down. Really can't figure out why this one sticks in my mind, but it does.

#2 - Secret line in North Rustler at Alta after a 24" dump during our 3 week winter in mid-Feb/early March. Scary billy-goat entry - overhead all the way down. A few times I punched through drifts. Almost put my Avalung on that morning, and I wish I had.

#1 - First tracks down Yellow Trail during the same 3 week period. Strong NW winds blew the snow in super deep, but by morning it was bluebird and calm. I had the intention of skiing East Greely from the High Notch, but for some reason the ten or so guys in front of me hiked right past Yellow Trail, which didn't have a single track on the whole face. It was too much for me to take, so I dropped in about 3/4 of the way over. I knew it was gonna be deep, but I had no idea. The best three turns of the entire season. There's just something very special about blasting down a completely untouched wide-open face.

Hopefully, I can still add to the list, but I've got a really bad feeling about this weather.
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Refilling ultra soft wind blown @ stevens pass wa. Every run first tracks.
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Skiing off the Pony Express lift at Steamboat. My son and I were making fresh through the aspens. It was a kinda "Father/Son thing".
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My best run:

1. Right after a Squaw Breakfast Burrito post tequila fest the night before

2. A few unagreeable meals here and there - 3 In-N-Out Burgers 'Animal Style', eating a full package of dried apricots, etc
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It's the end of Feb. Twelve of us are at a place called Top of the World in the Monashee Mountains. the weather man had called for clouds with snow showers but the sun is shinning. As we get out of the snowcat, our guide Mark Says " Don't put on your skis".[ Earlier in the day he told us that this was his birthday and he was not going to ski a lousy run all day] He takes off on foot up the ridge. Two hundred meters later we arrive at the top. Mark proceeds to cut a notch in the small cornice. We push of one by one. The snow is knee deep fluff. A thousand vertical feet later ,we pause on a bench. You couldn't imagine 12 bigger snow-eating-grins. We push of again,down into the alpine, through scattered trees, then glades for another thousand to the waiting cat.

Skiing, a path to the present
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A best runs perspective from a lower level skiier... (it's only my second season, but I get more addicted every day)

Went up to Wintergreen resort here in VA after classes and caught day after some solid snowmaking and almost no crowds. I spent the morning doing laps on their only open "double black" which had turned into a high speed cruiser with some nice rolling turns. It was my first day going fast enough that I was catching air while making turns over rollers. Very exhilirating to finally do it and still feel totally in control.

Took a day trip to Snowshoe one Friday in mid February. They'd gotten a good deal of snow up til that point and it was my best snow conditions of the season so far. Cold, mostly clear skis, soft packed powder and a few loose powder stashes still up for grabs on the sides of the trails. Spent the morning charging laps on Widowmaker and then moved over to the Western territory and had some of my favorite runs of the year on Shay's Revenge and Cupp Run. I was carving nice arcs, catching some air here and there and letting out a big whoop every time I hit the run out on Cupp. My brother and I ended up logging 25,000 vertical feet by mid afternoon. Big step up for me.

Then last week I went out west to the first time for a few days at Mt. Rose and one at Squaw Valley. Thursday at Squaw valley we explored the mountain a big then went up to Siberia Bowl for my first black diamond out west. The first time up was thrilling, but the second time up some clouds had rolled in and there was horrible flat light so I couldn't even see the lip of the bowl. I eventually decide it wasn't worth waiting for the clouds to break and went for it and dropped in. As soon as I was in the bowl I could suddenly see everything I needed to ski and the unskiable was skiable. It was a good moment for me and big step in getting over some of the nervousness I still have.

So those are some of my best runs. I'm hoping for at least one more ski day this season, but unless the weather gets a lot better it's looking like it's probably just going to be a 60 degree slush day. Better than nothing I guess, but I'm already planning to make next season even better.

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Straightlining Highlands Bowl from the top of Steep and Deep. The snow was perfect, smooth, untracked, windpacked powder, even the runout wasn't bumped up.

This doesn't really count since it was about this time last year, but I have a feeling it will be one of the most memorable runs of my life.

Then I went back and tried to do it again, but by that time the runout had been bumped out a bit. Don't remember it, but patrol said I had to make a pretty hard turn to avoid someone that traversed in front of me. I wound up cartwheeling a few times, knocking myself out, and getting a taboggan ride down. I guess I just don't know when to let a good thing be.
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Originally Posted by MAGGOT View Post
Straightlining Highlands Bowl from the top of Steep and Deep.
You can have fun any way you want, but straightlining a powder filled bowl seems like a huge waste to me.
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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post
You can have fun any way you want, but straightlining a powder filled bowl seems like a huge waste to me.
Lift takes you back up, plus a very short hike. What's lost? That's a run he will never forget

Pontential huge waste, paralysis, death, but he got lucky.
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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post
You can have fun any way you want, but straightlining a powder filled bowl seems like a huge waste to me.

hauling ass on top of powder is one of the coolest sensations in the world. Its like floating or flying or something but it is very very cool.
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My best run this year was on a very short run, big icy bumps, Strato at Ski Liberty. I don't know if it was the time I nailed it skiing proper or the time I hopped like a bunny, old school telemark. The run with air on each turn felt more fun and probably was more impressive. A patroller gave me props after the smooth run, an instructor complemented the run with jump turns. I tried to explain to the instructor that I wasn't trying to ski correctly that run, but he said it "looked right".

Reminiscing on my only day free skiing this season.
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Originally Posted by PhilT View Post
hauling ass on top of powder is one of the coolest sensations in the world. Its like floating or flying or something but it is very very cool.
I won't argue with you. I was only speaking for myself. I would rather turn and have the bouncing, floating, flying sensation. Just going fast in a straight line doesn't have a lot of interest for me; therefore it seems like a waste of a good run. To each their own.
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I'm not into straightlining unless there is something behind me I'm desperatly trying to outrun, but there is a lot to be said for going fast (huge arcs). Straightlining the entire Highland Bowl would likely cause me to poop my pants.
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For such a wierd season, there was a lot of memorable skiing- some great blue bird powder days in February. Three runs stand out.
1. PCMR; a mountainside I will not name (you can guess) that involves a hike- fifty perfect tight turns straight down the fall line in 18" of blower, top to bottom, no stopping, on the Mantras. Sweet.
2. Alta: Yep- good old Yellow Trail from the top, just about as far over toward the Notch as you can go- often overlooked because there is longer vert farther on. Was trying out the 188 Sollie guns and they skied 10 inches of heavy, wind compressed pow just silky smooth as could be.
3. PCMR; Claimjumper, green circle! skiing backwards in an S pattern with a sqealing, giggling four year old doing french fry- pizza pie in my wake. Sounds corny, but that was probably the best run of the year.
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Thanksgiving day at Crystal mountain. A couple feet of fresh DRY powder. Very uncrowded and fresh tracks all day.
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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post
You can have fun any way you want, but straightlining a powder filled bowl seems like a huge waste to me.
It wasn't really true powder skiing. The day before had been the powder day, but it was awful visibility, so no one had been up there. Some wind overnight had buffed everything out to perfectly smooth, soft (but not deep) cream goodness. Over the previous couple weeks, there had been a lot of smaller storms, which filled in all the bumps in the runout. In short, it wasn't real powder skiing, more just great high speed snow. Doesn't seem like a waste to me.

Although since we're on the topic, one of my most memorable runs this year was getting second tracks down third finger at Bridger Bowl this year on an almost 3' day. I do love deep pow too.
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