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my quiver just grew

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I have

metron b5 162
rossi zeith 5 171
rossi b3 184
k2 phat luv 167 in pink played yesterday on them"actually bought for wife with demo binding and we both had a blast in crud and bumps yesterday so i am looking for a phat luv in a 160 for her and now i ahve a pretty pink ski for me" and now there mine.....
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As long as you stick with just the skis being pink...

We have one snowboarder where I work that has pink boots, pink goggles, pink gloves, and his board is blue with flowers on it, and the base is pink, IIRC...

But, hey, as long as it's jsut the sticks... I ride salamon 720s.. they are supposedly gray, but they are DEFINITELY purple.
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