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Last year I skied in Chamonix, and tried the Dynastar Pro Arno Adams. I loved the skis since they suited my riding style. I was looking for skis that perform mostly in deep powder and tight steep forest. They were great! They also performed good in the slopes. I usally ride on the Rossi Bandit XX's and like the skis, but they don't perform exellent in the powder.
I'am looking to buy new skis this season, and need skis like the Pro Arno's, but it seems that they no longer make these. Therefore I have list, what do you think: (I ride 70% pow, 30% pist)

Dynastar Guarlain Pro Model
Dynastar Intuitiv Big
Dynastar Intuitiv Inspired By Jeremy Nobis
Salomon Pocket Rocket
Salomon AK Rocket Pilot
Volant Machete Sin

Or other skis? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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I saw some Arnos for sale in teh classifieds section of powdermag. You might want to check them out...
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I live in Norway, so buying used skis form US/Canada is not an option (the freight would be to much)
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