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I'm Back from the EPIC Gathering!!!

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Well I made it home in one piece late last night/early morning from the Gathering, Las Vegas, Grand Targee, and Jackson Hole.



A little less cash in the wallet but a whole lot richer. Friday at Alta was one of the greatest days I have ever spent on snow. How could it have been topped? A thirty inch snowstorm on Sunday. I can’t believe I actually was fortunate enough to ski the world’s greatest SKI area on a classic powder day!

A super GIANT thanks to the Utah locals for showing us around your very special mountains of Alta and Snowbird. Bob Peters, Altaskier, Fred, Mary, Si, Harpo, many thanks. I would never have adventured into many of those places by myself, nor would I have found them. The short hikes into Catherine’s area will always be remembered. Another thanks to those who set up the Peter Kelty demos. It was great fun ripping some groomers on the race skis. I swear I saw Peter a few times the next day at Alta during the massive dumpage. I called his name a couple of times but he did not reply. I now know, “there are no friends on powder days.” Except, of course for those who get you to that dumpage. Another GIANT thanks to Altaskier and Fred for driving this one-time Yankee turned Georgia boy and an Irishman living outside London up and down the LCC and for being fine hosts. Arriving before the lifts opened to be a part of the massive crowd’s cheers as they opened and their enthusiasm as we rode the lift and witnessed those making first tracks was priceless. Getting cut-off in Goldminer’s Daughter is another memory, yes I do remember it, that will always remain. (Not only was the snow and beer great, but pepperoni pizza may have been the best ever as well!)

Too all I met, it was great to meet you in person.

To all I had the pleasure of skiing with, you are all truly GREAT skiers and I learned a thing or two about my own skiing from the experience. Thank you.

Thanks AC for starting this fantastic ski community. I look forward to seeing all of you at the 2004 gathering.
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It was wonderful meeting you friday morning at breakfast! Hopefully, we will see more of you next year!
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It was a great time skiing with you, and you even got stuck in the canyon like a local! Look me up next time your in town.
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