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Vail & Breck April 5-10

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We're hoping to get out to Vail & Breckenridge for a long weekend April 5-10. I've been poking around the archives and it seems like the conditions are kind of hit-or-miss. How reliable is the snow there this time of year? We're mostly interested in skiing the back bowls & blue sky at Vail, and the new stuff off the Imperial chair at Breckenridge, so if it's slushy at the bottom it's not really a big deal. Thanks - any thoughts appreciated.
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You should definitely try to get a day in with these guys: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=44111
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The Back Bowls will have spring conditions since they face directly south. If it snows, they will ski well - especially the faces loaded by the westerly winds.

Blue Sky - north-facing and a good chance of PP conditions.
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