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Poll for ASC pass holders

Poll Results: What is an ASC "All East" pass worth in 08

  • 28% (4)
    400 (as it is now for a Bronze)
  • 14% (2)
  • 14% (2)
  • 0% (0)
  • 28% (4)
    I will not buy one and have to ski one area
  • 14% (2)
    Other (explain in a post)
14 Total Votes  
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If you are a current ASC "All East" passholder, what is your threshold for renewing next year at one of the mountains that has been broken off?
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Haven't they all broken off? Shattered! I mainly ski Killington so I will be looking closely at the price for next season. Paid $369 or so last year and don't want to pay much more.

So where else would I go within driving distance for day trips. It's an hour 45 min to the mt from my house. I can't drive to the Mad River Valley for day trips. Stratton, Bromley don't do it for me. Mt Snow is fun for a change but not for a season. I'd get bored with Okemo.

Killington has an advantage but I won't buy a pass for $800.
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I have an Edge Visa card which has allowed me to purchase an all East pass for free with accumulated "edge points"...I also purchase a season pass to Wildcat NH every year for $499 [early season purchase]...between the two passes I always get my mony's worth [40+ ski days per year].. I spend most of my time @ wildcat, but manage to spread the ASC pass among Sunday River; Attitash ; and Killington.

With only SR left in the ASC;I can't see spending more than the current cost of the bronze pass($365 approx)...and that is assuming that I could buy it for free with my edge points.

Wildcat will stay @ $499 for a full season; no blackout date; pass next year.... If Sr goes to $800, it's no brainer...the Cat wins hands down...not trying to start a pissing contest about which mountain is better...I love the Cat and it is closer to my home than SR
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being a poor college student I go where i can afford to. Frankly, my jay/bolton pass was only 179, no blackout dates, and some night skiing. The only downside is that its a hike to get up to jay. Id rather go to a place like smuggs or sugarbush since theyre half the distance. Also im not a fan of ASC, just as corporate as Stowe. Id rather go to a mountain where they manage themselves, and dont set the market, so they have to keep competitive prices.
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I am entertaining the idea of Ragged or sunappe oe something very very close to Boston.. The drives are killing me..
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