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Final Four picks? Upsets?

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My picks: Florida, Ohio State, Georgetown & UCLA. I've got Ohio State beating GTown in the semis, and then Florida in the final.

1st round upsets? Stanford (11) over Louisville (6); Long Beach (12) over Tennessee (5).
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North Carolina.

agree with your upset picks and usc beats arkansas.
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Guess that Stanford wild ass guess was exactly that, matched by my dumb premonition that Duke would win a couple of games!.. Glad I entered 4 pools!
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Final Four: Florida, UCLA, Ohio St. and Texas. Florida rolls over UCLA and Durant bests Oden and earns a trip to the champoinship game, where Joakim Noah's experience bests the freshman Durant and sends him packing for the draft. Major Upsets: VCU over Duke, Creighton over Nevada, Georgia Tech over UNLV.
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I love these look back guess posts. Looking back now, my texas into the semi finals pick in one pool was pretty stupid, my Kansas pick to win it all in another entry looks pretty good so far, they have played awesome. Is Memphis for real? My most likely pool for cash is now florida vs Ohio state in the finals, with florida winning. That is because I have Pitt and UNLV winning their next game. If so, I pick up 6 points on the field most likely, huge numbers in a big pool. Still lots of ball to be played. Go rebels and Pitt!
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My usual random guessing has put Florida, Kansas, Georgetown and Memphis in the final four, with Memphis beating Kansas for the final.

My random guessing has yet to win the office pool, but I've come pretty close.
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Wow you all did pretty good with your Final Four picks. I especially liked the ones who picked my beloved Gators to win it all

As predicted Noah, Greene, Brewer and Horford are going pro and Donovan is staying. Although what more can you expect from those kids...they stuck around to play for another season.

At the news conference today, the players were very emotional. Good group of guys who are true friends! It was a pleasure to see them play, just because there was no real superstar. I wish them all the best.

It's still Great to be a Florida Gator!!
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