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Its a beautiful world we live in ...

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As most everyone is aware, the United States Forest Service has requested that Vail Resorts, as the permit holder for Vail Mountain, cooperate with the Forest Service in ending the event annually held the second Tuesday of April called BB&B. Vail Mountain management is cooperating with this request, and while we believe strongly in the importance of tradition , we acknowledge that this particular event has been problematic on multiple levels.

I am requesting the cooperation of all our staff in supporting Vail Resorts and the United States Forest Service with respect to this effort. The Forest Service has invoked a Supervisor's Closure at Minnie's Deck (the historical site of BB&B) and has the ability to expand the closure on moment's notice to other areas of Vail Mountain. Violation of this supervisor's closure will result in citation or arrest . The Forest Service also has issued an order prohibiting the possession of alcohol on Vail Mountain the week of April 7-11 (except in licensed on-mountain facilities). Violation of this order also will result in a citation or arrest.

In addition, Vail Resorts is supporting the Forest Service and local law enforcement by instituting a policy of revocation of season pass privileges for two years (2003/2004 and 2004/2005) for any individual who refuses to cooperate with Forest Service officials, law enforcement, or Vail Mountain management in conjunction with their efforts to restrict any action or activity associated with BB&B or in violation of the Forest Service Supervisor's Closure or alcohol policy. This season pass revocation will be strictly enforced by Vail Resorts for all individuals including our own employees .

In appreciation of our staff's cooperation, Vail Mountain will be offering a free lunch to all Vail Mountain staff who are actively working on Tuesday, April 8th. For working staff that is unable to visit one of our on-mountain dining restaurants (including the Golden Peak Grill) I am requesting that department manager's make every effort to provide lunch for their staff (i.e. product sales, lift operations, scanners, etc.).

In short form ....... Thanks for your effort this winter .... NOW PISS OFF

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Thanks for sharing this edict, Oz. It nicely demonstrates the tightly sphinctered attitude that is sucking the fun out of working at a ski area. Let them eat lunch!
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we had fun day sundays where there's a keg or two in the carpark, all comers were welcome.

Some people need to get off their back boards & discover a spine.
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Sorry, Oz. As one of your biggest fans, I disagree with you on this one. There's more to this story people deserve to hear.
Why the closure of National Forest land by the US Forest Service district ranger to this season-end revelry?
More includes physical and sexual assaults at this event, piles of garbage, piles of feces, garbage cans co-opted to make snow forts instead of holding trash, bottles thrown at ski patrollers passing through, drunk/high people flying through the rest of the skiing public at warp speed (personal experience with this one last year), people passing out in piles of snow and piss...
Relative to partying, I'm a recovering alcoholic with a very long and illustrious resume so am not sure "sanctimonious" quite fits my feelings about this event. Maybe "sad" is a better word. I make my living outdoors year round now and do many service projects in the summer hauling out leftover food, bottles and garbage people leave behind in the wilderness, shovelling human crap and used toilet paper with plastic gloves into plastic bags from campgrounds, burying people's feces left at backcountry sites. You know, while not a lot shocks me, at times while doing this anger and tears still compete with a strong need to vomit.
Is our sense of entitlement as oppressed resort proletariat so great that it's fine to shit on the place we work and leave it for others to clean up?
This party can be held elsewhere than on the mountain among those beautiful trees. I am relieved that someone (including the district ranger and VR mountain ops director) has enough backbone, responsibility and respect for this place to make this decision.
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Aha! Nothing like having both sides of a story.

Somehow, I can understand Vail's position.
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I can see both sides of the story no problems. I thought the e-mail was pretty heavy handed though. Surely the whole thing could have been handled "better" over the years so as not to arrive at such an ultimatum.

Perhaps Vail's problems simply stem from its sheer size. I wonder if the BB&B mayhem is just a reflection to the reputation of VA in the wider local community ???? i.e we don't give a hoot that you don't give a hoot and of course the beautiful mountain suffers under the weight of contempt on both sides (a free lunch : ).

Has Wail become all about staying out of trouble ???? Is a lack of "respect" for ones work place part of the problem?

Just musings. I have never seen such a "Riot Act" read out on a skier mountain before. A new experience for me.


[ April 06, 2003, 04:27 PM: Message edited by: man from oz ]
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Once again, an errant bit 'o poop ruins it for everyone.
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I can see both sides of the story, but it stinks for the people who are just out to have a good time and a few beers.

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